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Block Chain Technology

 What is Block Chain Technology?

  • In general terms, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency used to transfer assets from the internet without the help of any 3rd party such as banks, PayPal, etc. It is decentralized, so no person, institution or bank controls the currency. It is a peer to peer asset transfer method.
  • Blockchain is another invention where every transaction is transparent and permanent. In blockchain, the blocks are formed, which store information, and its size is 1MB, the first block ever made is known as genesis block. Every block is connected to each other and work in rhythm.
  • Bitcoin works on blockchain platform; they are not the same.
  • *Cryptocurrency – a digital currency which uses cryptography for security


Block Chain Technology – Remake the Ways of Global Supply Chain

Block chain technology is leveraging the attention of logistics companies through its complex procedures involved in the arrangement of the deliverance from one point to other.

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Tenth Foundation Day

A decade ago we started this journey  as a small enterprise in the IT sector and ever since that day we have thrived hard to get here.We have always believed in combining hard work and smart work to deliver the best for our clients.The result is in front of us.We have managed to achieve a clientbase of more than 1500 clients across various sectors and various countries around the globe.The journey of these ten years has not been a bed of roses.We faced many difficulties and  problems in our journey with courage and sincerity.And thus we managed to resolve them and came back with flying colours. Client satisfaction has always been our first priority and we have been able to keep our customers delighted and satisfied with our services till date and promise to do so in the next decade as well.Our clients have always kept healthy business relationships with us and we manage to do the best from our end as well.

Ofcourse,this wouldn’t have been possible without our employees and our families -their presence,dedication,sincerity towards their work,their punctuality and their ultimate support.The warmth we have felt from them in all these years has been of great help.They worked without selfish interests and treated our goal as their goal.
We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for all your dedication,sincerity,warmth,empathy and support through all these years.We hope to continue this relationship of ours in the coming decade as well ,achieve new milestones and become one of the leading IT companies .
With deep appreciations,
Sixth Sense Marketing Private Limited
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