Are you looking for an App (Android/ iOS) to help you track the live attendance status of your sales team? Then, here is a solution for you from Sixth Sense IT Solutions.

This Sales (team) Attendance App, lets you punch-in your sales’ employee/ team their attendance, with live location captured.

This FREE to use GPS Based Ground/ Field Sales Force Attendance/ Tracking App helps you minimize the chances of wrong data insertion, and makes your team more responsible.

There is no need to worry about any mistaken or wrong login punch-in or logout. You can track where and when an employee/ or team did their last attendance and what was their working hours! Based upon the calculation from such data- you can extract details like, for how long a sales team/ employee worked, salary & deduction, leaves, performance, etc.

This completely FREE Ground Sales Employee/Team Attendance Tracking App lets you do the following tasks:

1) Measure and Track Your Entire Sales Team’s login details

2) With accurate attendance details you can better sum-up your sales team performance

3) No more chaos of- How do I track my sales team’s field attendance?

4) This app helps you create the best way to track your sales team’s attendance!

5) Effectively Track Your Sales Team’s login/login Activity with dashboard, on the go, and help them execute their duty on time!

6) Helps you, Monitor, Your Sales Team’s Efforts- like for how long they were on the field!

This Ground/ Field, salesforce attendance app, is the ultimate guide to helps you track and see the login details of your team, thus helping you maximize your profit!

Download this FREE app now for unmatched performance!!

Attendance App