"AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity."— AI oracle and venture capitalist Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, 2018
This statement is undoubtedly getting true with the time, and it is not far away when AI will be an integral part of your life.
Mobiles have started integrating AI in their processing. Now the processor which used to come for executing and handling basic tasks of the cellular devices- are now getting smarter and quicker with AI! Battery efficiency, performance, image & graphic processing- has never been so improved without AI.
Even the cameras of smartphones are now enabled with AI and can see, detect and understand image background in milliseconds and suggest you the best mode to choose for a picture-perfect shot! These cameras can catch numbers of people in the frame, their smile, motion, or state of the mood, distance, etc., quite well.
All such futuristic updates are happening in the present, and this is just because of the implementation of AI.

Why the need for AI?
It is surprising that with AI, we have given capabilities to machines to understand our emotions (a bit), talk to us, do our some of the jobs better, and faster than us. Also, even the machines with AI delivers more output and performance comparing without AI.
Like, we have seen how AI is redefining the way people use digital phones and their applications. AI is also revamping new age dials. With AI-enabled watch and wrist band, it is possible now to track heartbeat, blood pressure, footsteps took, calories burned, and thus, even also predicting any future medical emergency. Plus, AI also provides emergency assistance. It is how AI opens this new door of innovation and future exploration!
Even the automobile industry has started using AI. Now your car can sense its speed and suggest precautions to avoid any mishappening. With AI, you can let your car automatically adjust its ambiance & temperature based upon the surrounding. It can also sense the possible collision and can help you avoid it. Who is near to your car, how much they are close, which direction they are heading from, etc., can be seen on the car dashboard. You can now possibly be sure (than before) that your loved ones are traveling safer in the AI-enabled car.
Even you can track your car and monitor its driving pattern from a remote location and provide the required assistance, as well.
Education is also not away from the benefits of AI. Based on your reading interest and level of understanding, AI can help you suggest courses and modules upgrade your skills. Individual learning and monitoring are possible now, irrespective of any number of students in the class.
Also, for differently-abled, AI is like a miracle. With the latest invention and application of AI, a differently able person can show the same level of capabilities as an ordinary being. AI-powered advanced computing-enabled-devices have given wings to the skills of differently-abled society and helped them tremendously, to be a part of the mainstream.
Similarly, AI has stepped into hospitality, housing, restaurant, public transportation, aviation, military, medical, public services, and almost every essential verticals we can imagine. But why so? - because it has given new capabilities, optimized business operations, and enhanced performance.
This ebook is about how AI is empowering Restaurant Business Industry and how it is useful for the food & beverage outlets! Let's find out.

AI and Restaurant Business Operations
Restaurant Business Operations are complex, dynamic and full of uncertainty (if they depend upon the external factors to run). For example, because of any natural or intentionally occurred reason, if you are not able to manage your inventory, or running out of it- in either situation, you will not be ready to serve food to your audience. Well, here AI can help you by triggering an alert before stock exhausts.
These are some of the essential restaurant business operations where AI can work or is working now in many food & beverage business operations.

1. Vendor Selection and Inventory Management
Every restaurant, food outlet and beverage enterprise needs its stock managed and regular updates as well. And, inventory management happens with the help of vendors. If you have a professional vendor- you need not worry about your stock management. But if you need to hunt for vendors every time, you must look for an AI solution.
An AI-powered Restaurant Management software or a professional tool (like Restro Sense) can help you finalize and select the most suitable vendors for your food business based upon their past performance. It can also tell you which vendor will be the best as a raw material supplier and which not!
Now coming to the inventory management, so, yes, AI helps you manage your inventory, unlike any other tool. With AI, you can not only monitor inventory but utilizes it to its fullest. With the same stock, you produce more dishes, generate minimum waste, earn more profit, and hence do more business.
AI helps you monitor every aspect of inventory and even each gram or milliliter of it. Thus, ensuring maximum possible utilization.

2. Menu Suggestions
Sometimes it is tough to finalize the menu or update it with the time. Which item will be best to sever and which should replace in the list- is the most common and unsolved question even by now. And, the most effective solution to this confusion is AI and its implementation.
With an AI-powered restaurant management system like Restro Sense, you can get an idea of which items you should serve and at what time! Also, what ingredients you should use and in what ratio- these all details are keen noticed and suggested by AI. It helps you utilize inventory, serves the best dish to your customer, and thus keeps your restaurant active and smart!
With advanced AI-generated reports and analysis, you can easily monitor and figure out organizational performance and even work on it to improve it further. Such tiny yet detailed reports help you excel in your business.
Also, you can figure out loopholes in your current system and fix it as soon as possible.

3. Quick Orders
AI helps you process orders quickly. How? Well, that's why its called Artificial-Intelligence.
It manages kitchen order in a flow, channelizes new food orders to available staff/ cooking centers, and makes sure customers have a minimum waiting time, and they enjoy the food without waiting a lot!
When customers don't have to wait for orders getting prepared or while placing orders, they prefer to come to your restaurant most of the time. You not only make them happy with AI-powered quick order processing but retain them for a more extended period. Isn't it great for your business?

4. Smart Feedback System
With a smart feedback system, you can let customer share their feedback about your services, and even short the inputs as per the services.
Such detailed feedback makes your restaurant services better, smarter, and superior to the rest of your competitors.
You can know which customer wants and likes what taste of food and at when. What was their last time feedback about the dish- did they enjoy it? What they wanted in food and how? Was it perfectly cooked or needed a heat blow?
AI helps you customize your food menu and as per the exact need of the customer.
And, when they have food of their exact choice, taste, and time, nothing can make your customer happier!
Just by using AI in the feedback system, you can touch customer satisfaction to the next level. Thus many-fold your restaurant business.
Similarly, you can use AI in many places in your restaurant business (operations) and maximize profit with exponential growth.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about to become the most promising technological evolution of the future as its applications still need to explore. It has not only simplified the way we use to execute tasks but has suggested their effective alternatives as well.
What were problems of the past, have been now the footsteps for further exploration with the implementation of AI! Using the technically advanced AI system in your restaurant, you can boost profit, place more & quick orders, produce less waste, increase customer satisfaction, improve ambiance, and order processing. Also, you can monitor and utilize inventory to its fullest, reduce kitchen chaos, raw material theft, etc. and shift your balance sheet positive as well.
In this way, AI helps you improve your restaurant performance like a pro!

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