Know the challenges that affect enterprise efficiency and solutions to face & resolve them!
An enterprise runs on multiple operations. Some of them are human resource management, Client-Relationship, Resource & Assets Management, Project Planning & Execution, Production, Sales & Dispatch, Vendor & Inventory Management, etc.
These all sets of operations have to take care and work in synchronization. There is a need for perfect harmony to make sure the organizational purpose fulfills at the end of the day with maximum possible growth! But, if any process fails to sync with others, or didn’t execute things the way it should be- it starts to create entropy in the enterprise. Hence other operations also get affected, resulting, low output and decreased productivity.
This disturbance can happen either cause of lack of efficiency in any department, process or procedure, or some technical or non-technical errors. But, when you have connected operations, you can not afford any method which is under-performer. After all, an enterprise must fulfill its motto of establishment and if it is not capable of doing so- the procedure needs its replacement or fixation as soon as possible!
Well, clients have different mindsets, and goals. They are looking for quick, accurate and the best possible solution to their problems. If you’re capable of handling their needs, you can cater to them for an extended period. But if not, be ready to lose them at any time. Because the market already is looking for a chance to snatch your clients!
Here the responsible factor which affects enterprise performance can be any process, or a department, or absence of the latest technologies, like automation, tools, software or adequate team/staff!
This eBook will cover some of the most prevalent challenges and their unique solutions in this eBook.

What are the prime challenges affecting the growth of an Enterprise!
The first and the most seen factor is the lack of efficiency either in any operation or a department. And, when a process lacks in the performance, it affects many others, hence the overall performance. 
Another prime factor that affects enterprise growth is the lack of smart decisions or delayed decisions. When you make decisions late, you delay other essential processes and make them under-performing. Similarly, the lack of intelligent decisions increases operational costs and expenses on the balance sheet. 
Apart from this, when you have delayed decisions, you always perform behind the market and have a very thin margin-profit.
The next challenge which comes is the lack of innovation in an organization. You can run things like the way you want, but you can not ask the customer to follow you. Customers have many ways to let their things happen and when they have an innovative approach that is affordable and more productive- customers will choose to go with it.
Here comes the next challenge, which is the un-utilized capacity of the resources/ assets you have. When you utilize resources in the activities of the operation which they are not suitable for; you will be having poor performance because their capacity is unused to the maximum possible extent.
It does happen in many enterprises that, they utilize their resources (whether it is human or machine) in the work which they are not fitting. And, this happens just because an organization have to do cost-cutting or try to keep operational cost minimize. But this has long term and profound impact over the overall performance of resources, and thus the enterprise.
The next challenge can decide the future of an enterprise. This challenge is how to tackle poor management and rectify those factors which bring it!
Well, poor management is the absence of pro-management. When you do not cautiously work upon the administration, your enterprise automatically inclines towards the mismanagement or poor management. 
Poor management also happens because of either of the above reasons we discussed so far. Mismanagement only hinders the growth.
In an enterprise, planning matters a lot because if you have to produce something, you must have a plan before its production starts. Every manufacturing or output comes with well planning. Planning should be not only rational but suitable as well for the organization. This way, you can ensure the final result will be up to your expectations or more.
The technological gap is still the most commonly seen reason behind the weakening growth of an enterprise. When an enterprise avoids using the latest technologies, or an automation solution, or custom software which is for it or has inadequate funds to adopt new technologies; the company has to run old-fashioned, and hence the performance will always be less than expected.
Also, when you have an inadequate digital presence, especially, nowadays, when people search on the internet about anything for the first; if an enterprise is not actively out there- it may lose potential clients. Digital presence has been an essential need of today’s branding. When an enterprise ignores digital presence, it has to be ready to face its consequences too. So, it is better to hire a consulting firm to assist you with digital marketing and branding.
Cruel competition in the market is another challenge that can decide how much margin you will make with your services pr offerings. When you operate in a close and extremely competitive market- you have limited scope to grow.
Well, the market conditions are not under the control of an individual enterprise. But as per the market condition, an enterprise can establish its procedures. And, hence the operation to maintain its progress and profit.
Apart from these, there are other challenges as well which can hinder or decide an enterprise growth. 

How can an enterprise face these challenges with automation?
It is a most sought after question asked by enterprises, how can they grow and find sustainable solutions to these challenges, which affects their growth?
Well, yes, these challenges can be faced with confidence with the latest technological solutions available in the market. And, interestingly, you can afford them without extra burden on your balance sheet.
The first challenge, which is a lack of efficiency, can be catered with automation like never before. Automation helps you and your team to prioritize tasks, monitor operations & execute things with just a click. CRM Sense is one of the best examples of available automation tools for industries. With this tool, an enterprise can increase its efficiency many folds and thus surplus the profit.
Another factor that hinders the organization's growth, which is, lack of smart decisions or delayed decisions and these can be tackle with automation as well.
Automation helps you decide, understand and assist in quick rational decision making. For example, an enterprise which produces a particular type of goods (say type 1) in summer but with the time trends have shifted to a different kind of products (say type 2). So, automation can tell you on behalf of its available data, and resources whether you still need to produce type 1 goods or time to start creating type 2!
When you have an intelligent tool which can help you in smart and quick decision making- you always have profit on your balance sheet. And, GROWTH is the core purpose of an enterprise.
When you use Enterprise resource planning (ERP) automation solutions, it saves your time and helps you find new ways to execute business. You have time to explore innovative & creative ways to do things, and thus, increase business productivity with the same resource & at the same time.
Automation lets you decide which resource can work better, and where. You can get the maximum possible utilization of the available capacity of your staff/ assets, and get maximum potential output. This feature of an ERP helps you face the challenge like un-utilized resource and enables you to channelize them.
Automation like CRM Sense helps you monitor your administration and converts your poor-management to a well-managed enterprise. Once you start monitor operations, you start finding its loopholes and try to work upon that. And, when you apply this to all department, and overall business shift appear as a result.
You can plan better with an automation tool or CRM Sense and improve your planning & execution strategy. Automation helps you understand the more critical problems and find suitable solutions. For instance, you have a big project to execute but don’t have a clue of where to start it? Well, with automation, you can break it into small modules, assign your team on it and have it done. Is not this fascinating? Indeed, yes!
With automation, an enterprise can channelize its production, with keen monitoring. And, to do so, an enterprise must define its process, operation, and execution strategy. Once you have clear cut processes described, you can automate them and execute without possible errors. CRM Sense helps you identify processes and their execution strategy.
CRM Sense or automation helps you adopt new technologies and stays ahead of the market and thus beat the competitions.
CRM Sense is one of the most powerful, AI-powered & cloud-based enterprise management solutions. This solution helps you channelize sales, marketing, HR, production, planning, vendor, inventory and dispatch process & management with unmatched efficiency. With it, you can execute more tasks, with bare minimum staff and in time lesser than what you used to spend before.
Automation helps you plan expenses, monitor them, find loopholes & fix them as well. With this saving, you can look for other options to invest and increase your profit.

What to conclude from this?
Well, it is quite clear the challenges shared above can effect or decide the overall growth of an organization. And, if tackle with automation or advanced technological solutions like CRM Sense, you can avoid any enterprise breakage which otherwise could happen because of the absence of automation.
Automation makes the task simple, easy to execute, and cost-effective. But an enterprise also has to make sure which automation is best for it. There are many tools available in the market, but not everyone is for your business. And if a wrong automation tool is there in your enterprise- it can make your current operation even more complicated!

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