Digitization is the new format & definition of anything you share, store, or process nowadays!
Want to share images, data, and files, communicate with others or send money - there is a secure digital way of doing so. You just have to find and use it, and you’re all set for the next big task and with plenty of time available on your clock.
Digitization commonly less knows as digitalization, is transforming almost every vertical of daily life. Whether it is goods, human transportation systems, communication, medical, research, hospitality, restaurant, data centers, security or any industry we can imagine, you will notice a strong footprint of digitization in it.
The core reason for implementing and adopting digitization was to reduce the cost associated with the production, transportation, storage, and efforts that previously were consuming to do the same task! Digitization has revamped industries and increased performance as well!
Those industries which were initially declining digitization are now in the queue to get them revamped with it.

Why we need digitization?
The prominent question which comes here, is; why we need digitization?
Can’t things be done without it or the ways it was operating before?
Well, yes, tasks can be executed even without digitization. But, imagine the old-time when any job of a file transfer from one office to another used to takes hours! And, if the offices are on two sides of the earth- days, weeks or months were the reasonable time for sending these files.
Goods, machinery, and medicines used to take weeks or months to reach from one country to another and hence were not accessible by everyone. But digitization changed this entirely and redefined the way people used to interact and consume things now.
People can order with their mobile, website, or app, and have it delivered at their doorstep with express digitized-freight services. Whether you’re in the middle of some town, village or deep forest, you can utilize digitization for essential utilities ordering. Just connect yourself with the network, and you’re all set to run things as you want in your life. Digitization has connected the world, unlike before and helping everyone to get what they want.
Most importantly, the same number of tasks can be done in lesser time, leaving us with more time to explore further expansion opportunities. Just put the address of the receiver, and files are ready to be received at the other end in the next milliseconds.
Apart from this, the cost has been reduced significantly along with the efforts, in doing any tasks.

Benefits of Digitization and its implementation
Digitization can be defined in several ways and so its usage. We can’t limit its scope or importance. Hence can’t note down every benefit of it. Here are some of them:
1. You can get things done in lesser time than before. This benefit has been one of the most effective outcomes of digitization. Previously the same task used to takes hours. And now, it has been shrunk to just a few minutes or even less than that. Digitization has reduced the cost of doing the same task and minimized effort consumption. Thus, helping organizations to save a considerable amount of money (if calculated over some time).
2. Execute mores tasks in the same 24 hours, which was not possible before. Now you can have numbers of the job done by the same resources, in the same hours- isn’t this saving? For instance, if there were ten human-resources used in some tasks, now with digitization, it has reduced significantly! Digitization has increased the overall business performance and decreased business operational costs at the same time!
3. Fast information processing than before. Because of this reason, organizations adopt digitization to increase their business profit and reduce overall operational costs. With quick information sharing, you can minimize resource involvement in communication and free them for the next process.
4. Secure access to information is kudos for digitization. Previously, to transmit or receive data securely, you need to have a dedicated channel or system, with multiple filters. But now, the same can be done on a shared channel yet in a secured-environment.
5. Easy to access information than before. Digitization has reduced the extreme need for deep-rooted knowledge to adopt it. Thus, making it available for everyone, at any time, anywhere!
6. Digitization helped to execute tasks error-free and to make work precise. You and your firm need not put any extra efforts to cross-check the entire process from an error point of view.
7. Digitization has helped to centralize data and its sharing. Now, there is no need to manage multiple files or similar information for its access at various locations. You can have centralized data management centers, and have your entire team access to it. It also saves time, money and efforts which otherwise you have/ had to put into managing files/ data for individuals.
8. Digitization helped us to access data from any location, and in any time zone. It has reduced a significant amount of effort in doing the same job.
9. With digitization, you can improve your decision-making power and make sure you deliver what your clients are looking for from you! You can better monitor projects, reports, share data, grant clients access to the project and make the most practical and useful decisions.
And many more benefits are there of digitization you can explore!

How can you digitize your business?
Well, this is the most crucial question you need to ask yourself.
After understanding all the benefits discussed above, it is quite clear that digitization can upgrade a brand completely!
Here are some of the proven digitization techniques if used, can bring performance enhancement in your organization.
1. Have a strong digital presence that talks about your brand, its vision, and the motto behind the services and products.
2. Connect with your customers digitally. You need not travel thousands of times to do meetings (until and unless vitally required). Instead of that, you can have meetings done over digital platforms like Skype, Hangout, etc. You can avoid unnecessary money drainage, and bring your team for meeting along with you, as many as times you want, and save valuable time of yours and your team which otherwise you had to put in traveling! Travel consumption can be a significant factor for a start-up. So try to avoid this as much as possible.
3. Keep your consumer informed with every update by bringing them on your digital platform. This step of digitization can avoid multiple calls, emails or updates you do with the clients. They can monitor the project updated and communicate with you from their location, at their convenience. You can also optimize your team’s overall performance because you’ll be having more time on your clock. You can also save efforts and money used to consumed in the establishment of all those connections as well. You can try PMS Sense from Sixth Sense It Solutions to manage your project seamlessly.
4. Improve your efficiency and productivity with digitization as it allows multiple tasks to be done at the same time, with the same resource, hence, helping you to produce maximum output. It also saves time and optimizes your business operations as you and your team have more time to explore business opportunities and encourage innovation. Try to digitize your communication, updates, sales & marketing process and cycle. Also, you can digitalize your HR management and entire enterprise with tools like ERP sense.
5. If you’re a product or services selling firm- try to list them online and sell them with e-Commerce facilities of digital media. You can sell, buy or purchase your needs of products/ services without involving a lot of valuable efforts, and connect with the digital audience. This method is quite cheap, fast, and secure, as well.

How Can Automaton help you?
Automation and digitization are connected, although both seem the same. We can say automation is simply the process of making manual tasks automatic with some mechanical or digital tools, business operations or machines. In contrast, digitization makes your entire business operation digital, fast, secure, and increases your clients’ & organizations’ experience by adding new values into it.
For example, you can optimize your human resource management capability with Human Resource Management tools like HRM Sense, or monitor and improve sales & marketing cycle with Client Relationship Management tools like CRM Sense. These are excellent examples of automation.
Similarly, for complete digitization and pure automation of your enterprise, you can use tools like ERP Sense. These tools not only make the process simple, secure, but quite efficient with increased performance in lesser time and fewer efforts.
Industries are looking for ways to digitize themselves for the better output with the lowest possible costs. Digitization is genuinely helping them in nurturing their dream!

The digital approach is the new strategy; companies are following because they want to keep their top position, be a leader, or wish to grab that!
Digitization has not only revolutionized the market but changed the way people used to conduct business. You are now free to think about the way you want to do business. Like, do you want to run an online e-Commerce site, or want to be a blogger, or want to sell a kitchen product, or be an online teacher? – Digital media has opened thousands of doors for you. You have to choose the one which you want to go and grow!
Digitization not only opened new and unseen business opportunities but increased overall business profit with fewer efforts and in lesser time!
Hence, digitize your brand today for better performance!

For any support on digitization or automation of your business, get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to help you.