Internet of Things commonly known as IoT considered as the extension of the internet. Well, there is no such theory that justifies this statement, but with modern-age application and usage, you can easily find this line correct!
Previously people used to communicate or try to connect through the post or letter. Which with the invention of the internet, got completely changed. Now people have the facility to connect, discuss and share things on the internet super-quick and super-easily. Files, pictures, videos, content sharing, and making video calls was never so easy without the internet.
Further, with industrial revolutionization, the capabilities of the business were extended to the next level with automation.
Automation helped businesses to grow their production and output. It helped them improve efficiency, thus expanding their growth wings. But, this was not the limit of invention.
Things take a further dig, and automation was to about to connect with the internet; thus, with their connection, the IoT came out as new-age and modern technological solutions to the most complex, and significant problems, businesses were facing.
IoT enables machines, systems, computers to communicate with each other, take decisions and improve business operational efficiency to the subsequent level. Set of tools, machines or digital devices started making smart and accurate decisions, based upon the information, data, and codes collected through the sensors, actuators, etc. as their inputs. And, this is how IoT allowed machines to increase business operational efficiency many folds, and transform & redefined the business operations used to happened!

Why IoT?
IoT has emerged as one of the most significant inventions to the humankind. We can now cure the critical decease with robots or detect them time before. Sending critical & classified information is now easy. In-depth analysis and finding complex mathematical problems from a bunch of data is now easy to do with IoT. Space exploration, big data & its analysis, cryptography, finding solutions to the big problem, has never been quicker without the Internet Of Things.
Similarly, its application in daily business and day to day activities is an add-on.
You can now control your street lights with inputs from actuators and sensors to automatically them on and off, and charge them once the sun rises. With IoT, you can automate the traffic light based upon the traffic and peak traffic hours. Also, you can limit your vehicle speed limits based on the driving condition and atmosphere.
IoT can help you monitor production and find fault in any line of assembly, and provide instant support if necessary. It can send emails, emergency SOS, or can call the police as well if there is any security breach or an emergency!
Similarly, you need not remember the dates of your bills for utilities. With IoT, you can automate your billing or even decide which expense can be cut short. It also helps you distinguish legitimate and fake expenses as well and enables you to avoid money drainage.
Want weather or surrounding based ambiance light, let the IoT takes care of it. So, we have seen, automation is increasing its footprint in almost verticals. Here in this eBook, we will try to explore how IoT is Transforming and Redefining Business Operations in some of the verticals!

IoT: Transform and Redefine your Business Operations
IoT connected the internet with the machines and created an ecosystem for them to not only connect (based upon the inputs from sensors, data, information) but also give them capabilities to communicate, take or suggest smart, and most prominent solutions for the betterment of business operations.
Even the modern-day business industries, including traditional ones, are using them in smart housing, decoration, entertainment, cooling, heating, etc. to enhance user experience. The restaurant is using them for order preparation (or routing the order-request to the nearest outlet for quick and smart delivery), menu suggestion, ingredient usage, and waste management.
Here are some of the most advanced use of the IoT and how you can use it;

1. IoT in Client Relationship Management
Previously, writing sales prospects and calling them for the meeting was a common trend. But with the time, implementation of automation powered by IoT; tasks are as easy as a piece of a cake. Want to save prospects directly without noting its details? - have it done in AI and IoT enabled CRM Sense. It stores your details directly from a visiting card into its cloud-based DB, and mark it as a lead (if you want).
With an efficient IoT enabled CRM, you can super-quick save details, fix meetings, and prioritize them based upon the route and execute the maximum number of meet-ups in a day, than before. It helps you close more leads, thus brings more business. Plus, you can identify the behavior of the client post-meet-up and analyze whether there is a need to focus further on the prospect, or not. Isn't this something you'd like to give your field salesforce?
Also, with IoT, you can digitally geo-fence the area for your field salesforce to execute their duties. You can also detect future trends of the sales based upon the past performance and figure out which product or service is fruitful and worth to invest further.
Thus IoT helps you redefine and revamp your entire sales & marketing cycle.

2. IoT and Food & Beverage Industry
The food & beverage industry is the most dynamic because it depends on many external factors to run and operate. You need raw material- find a vegetable market or a vendor to purchase. Or want to see which dish will suit best in the current season, research the market. Or what food item will be best to prepare or which food-item is supposed to remove or add to the menu? Also, do you find your restaurant fruitful if it runs 24X7? These tasks are seamlessly monitored and executed with IoT if implemented in your restaurant business.
AI-powered Restro Sense is one of the most suitable IoT restaurant business operation tools. This tool manages your vendors, inventory, suggest the most suitable menu for the restaurant, its time of serve, ingredient management, along with waste management as well. With such an IoT enabled tool, you execute restaurant tasks smarter & faster than before and add revenues to your business.
Also, with IoT, you can take orders online, channelize them automatically for getting ready real quick, minimize kitchen chaos, take orders smartly, manage taste bassed upon the time, date or seasons as well.

3. Enterprise Management and IoT
Like said, IoT is not away from enterprise and its management as well. IoT helps you manage inventory and suggest you when the next order needs to book for keeping stock balanced, thus avoid wastage.
Similarly, it suggests to you which vendor or delivery station is performing better and managing your cost of operation, and which needs improvement. Which department needs resource and which resource can be assigned to them automatically- these administration operations are also taken care of by IoT as well!
IoT also helps you identify resource performance, decide their priority, channelize them, task assignments, and order management with minimum base resources. Thus saving your time, cost, and indeed the efforts as well.
ERP Sense from Sixth Sense It Solutions is a brilliant example of an AI-powered Cloud-Based ERP management system that can help you manage your enterprise like a pro and optimize your business performance.

Throughout the discussion, one thing that came out is, if IoT used for the betterment of society, business, education, medical science, planning & production, etc., it can have enormous and wow usage. Because IoT has the capabilities to uplift every business operations, but you must know where to use and how; else you might miss the opportunity to utilize the most significant technology business can have!
IoT can redefine the entire business processes. Cut short their executions time, improvise them, or can suggest a better way to execute them. But, there is a fine line that needs to understand. Like, which process can be automated and which not. Some decision needs to be kept for the human to implement; else it will be a machine age which is probably not we are looking for today.

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