Event and exhibitions have always been unique places for business owners, promoters, marketers, and buyers. Because it provides opportunities to showcase and demonstrate the upcoming new technologies, services, products and the applications of technological-advancement.
Events or exhibitions also connect potential buyers to the sellers. It provides a powerful platform for exhibitors to showcase their offerings to a targeted audience and generate leads in the most effective way. That is why events are getting bigger, professional and business-oriented with the time. As per the current scenario, event & exhibition is going to be the next leading industry under digital branding & marketing, promotion, and print media verticals!
Exhibitions help you; create and increase awareness about your brand, gain more knowledge of your industry from industry-experts, cost-effectively promote your brand, close deals rapidly, attract investors, learn marketing trends & practical approaches, and ideas for next big product!
With the advancement of technologies and its application, it is quite easy to connect with the audience and promote your product in one place, under the roof of an event or exhibition. Hence people are getting more serious to either visit an expo or acquire some space to present their offerings as an exhibitor.
Event & exhibition provide not only business opportunities but also the way to increase your network and build future business relations to explore unseen opportunities!
These are some of the prime reasons, why an event or exhibition must manage professionally to make it successful and a brand in itself! 
When an event creates an unmatched footprint on their visitors' minds, they are automatically going to become visitors for the next time.
With automation, you can make an event happen with quite fewer efforts, limited budget and in a short period, comparing the traditional methods. You can also manage any number of audience, and channelize them to avoid any chaos, with secure check-in and instant data sharing between the audience! It is how efficient automation can revamp an event and uplifts user experience unlike before!

Why need to manage audience & event with automation?
Well, this is quite interesting to know that none from the audience wants to wait at the entry gate or be in a queue to get their registration done or generate gate-pass. 
Similarly, people don’t usually want to bring physical documents to prove their identity or miss sometimes to bring!
Well, these two are the prime factors for registration, and without it, the registration process seems incomplete! Here automation comes to solve it. It helps you to register the audience online, generate gate-pass with highly secured QR code and manage entire events flawlessly.
Similarly, where there is a huge crowd to take part in an event; generating a gate pass is another hard task to crack. 
You must have an efficient substitute to help you with this. Because you want to make sure, the event has only the authorized entries with a super secured gate pass! Automation not only manages your crowd but helps you generate their gate pass, fast & without errors, and maintain their entire database. It also helps your audience to connect with interested exhibitors and exchange details with just a scan!
Here are some more reasons to know; Why need to manage audience with automation;

1. You need to register both exhibitors and visitors. Here, the scope of making an error is zero as exhibitors & visitors are going to represent their brands! And, automation makes this task manageable, accurate and fast, unlike old-fashioned techniques!

2. Visitors count can be in thousands, which is quite reasonable these days. Hence you need a fast way to handle them, and here automation does the magic!

3. Exhibitors come from different locations and can’t go for manual registration as they need to also take care of their hospitality as well, along with traveling, gate pass, necessary equipment, etc. and manage expenses accordingly

4. Visitors can’t collect browser or leaflet from every counter- as this will just increase their carry home material! There should be some digital way to do this.

5. None of the visitors carries more than 5 or 10 visiting cards to share or exchange with others! Think of 100+ companies a visitor wants to interact; it will be another tedious task for him/ her to collect details with them

6. Event managers or coordinators have to make sure of safe check-in! Else, chaos or rush can happen anytime, and certainly mismanagement as well

7. You need to channelize the entire crowd for exhibitors as well, to showcase their offerings to the maximum possible audience!

And, many more reasons which firmly recommend the need for a robust automation system to execute an event or exhibition like a pro and seamless!

How can you have automation for your event or exhibitions and benefits out of it?
Here is another interesting question- how can you go for automation and make your event the best of all time!
To answer this, here are the fronts need to be precise;

1. How do you want registration to happen? If there are limited people to attend like 10-15, you can go with traditional ways of record, but if it is 100-150, you must have a digital way to do. Here automation not only makes registration simple but straightforward to do for both- visitors and exhibitors.

2. Do you also want to offer the app register to your audience? Well, this is something amazing you can do to add value to their experience. The app makes the public comfortable to register themselves and at their convenience. They need not spend extra time on this.

3. If you are expecting a limited audience to come, you can have a physical gate pass generated, but when they are in 3 digits; this mode is going to create a rush. You can avoid it with automation like Event Sense. This tool makes gate-pass simple to generate whether the audience is in 2,3, 4 or 5 digits! This tool helps you grow your event big enough!

4. How do you want your audience to exchange data? Do you want it with a visiting card? Well, again, this method can work for a limited audience but more public; you’ll have to look for a professional substitute. Here automation or Event Sense makes magic. It allows digital data sharing among the audience with just a scan, and make it secure and fast as well.

5. Here comes another need of yours, which is, do you want a digital data-storage facility or traditional ways of information? Because when data store in super secured cloud digital files (like Event Sense does), you can make sure your data is safe and easy to access at any time, from anywhere! Also, it avoids any issue of file theft or being lost or damaged,

6. Do you want to help your exhibitors to generate leads from the exhibition or just a platform to showcase their services or product? If you use automation like Event Sense, you can make this happen, and generate potential leads for them!

7. How do you want to use the data you have? You can use it legitimately to communicate with them about the upcoming next event and discuss further their interest in your services. With automation, you can sync your entire data into a CRM to use it wisely and convert leads into business! While with a file-based, or done in old fashioned pen-paper, it will consume a further time of yours to feed the same data into the system!

8. How do you want to channelize your audience? With automation, you can get maximum out of your coming audience and show them the best offering of your exhibitors

Automation is the new face of the event and exhibition industry! It helps you organize events like never before, and adding stars to your audience’s experience.
You can go with any automation tools like Event Sense which not only manages your online registration for the audience (exhibitors and visitors), through its app or website but generate highly secured gate pass at the same time! You can also avoid the queue, any chaos or rush, and mismanagement. 
With Event Sense, you can save data digitally on the super-secure cloud, and get them retrieved anytime you or your clients need it. 
You must remember that your purpose is to make your event successful and of course, memorable. Also, a successful event attracts more visitors and exhibitors, and make sure more of them next time.

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