Automation is the next big thing after digitization. Businesses and offices are adopting or looking forward to implementing automation for their growth, expansion, and development.

But why there is so excite about automation?
Well, the most prominent reason seems is productivity. Plus, the market is now getting global and expanding. This market expansion needs comprehensive and seamless management solutions, which are practical, super quick yet straightforward to execute. And, thus, the need for automation is emerging.
Like said, businesses are expanding their size through new offices, franchises, business ventures at new locations, resources, etc., they need brilliant automation to manage every aspect of expansion and keep harmony between their operations. Also, to avoid any saturation or chaos.
Here franchises are the most critical element of business expansion because they are the face of a well-known brand or already established businesses. Franchises open when a firm wants to capture the next level of the market under its brand value and increase its share!
Recently a trend has been noticed in the restaurant business as well, where giant and even mid-cap restaurant brands are opening their food outlets or giving license to open & run a restaurant business by their name. Surprisingly, these franchises are doing pretty well and adding significant profit in their business' balance sheet.
These restaurant franchises are offering a new taste to a remote location or town, which local people haven't tasted yet, and giving them a unique platform to connect with the global food communities! Isn't this amazing! Well, yes!
For example, do you want to eat Mexican food?- Get it from a nearby Mexican food outlet. Or feeling for tempting pizza- locate a closest Italian pizza shop on your mobile, and have it tried with your loved ones! Franchises in the food business have changed the outlook we used to think, taste and understand the different continental food & dishes!

The need for franchise management in the restaurant business:
These franchises also need keen and very professional management because they represent a brand! A name people trust in the food & beverage industry for years. A name that keeps the taste unchanged for their audience. Hence their management is even more crucial in restaurant business operations.
Like shared initially, the restaurant franchises are the face of well-known brands. Sometimes, franchises are the idea of business expansion of a newly establish or the latest restaurant. These are like a restaurant chain or food chain outlet, who serves the same taste of food, or different dishes, across the locations. But to make the taste consistent and keep the business in profit (of a franchise), their management is essential and foremost.
Well, you can manage a couple of franchises old-fashioned, but when it comes to business expansion- you will have to go for the automation to ensure performance and overall output! And, this e-book is all about why & how you can manage franchise in the restaurant business with automation!

Let's figure out why franchise management is essential, and how you can achieve it with automation in your restaurant business?
It is crucial to understand that even a restaurant franchise is a dedicated and full-time working restaurant. Just the difference is that a franchise has pre-defined procedures, well-described SOPs, and planned execution structure. Thus, franchisees have to follow these processes to run.
But, these operations are not simple to execute. There are many complex activities, and channels involve in the accomplishment of a perfect harmonized restaurant franchise business. For example, vendor management, inventory management and its utilization to the fullest, transfer of surplus inventory from one outlet to inventory-deficit outlet, staff management, shift management and scheduling, sales and performance management of each outlet (and employees), payroll & commission management, etc. These tasks need to manage for professionally running a franchise.
If you are planning to manage these all tasks manually or with the old-fashioned way, you are just inviting, entropy, chaos, and rush in your restaurant franchise. Hence, here comes the restaurant business automation.
With automation, you can not only manage these all business operations but can channelize them for maximum productivity. Here are some of the practical and proven ways you can use automation to maximize your restaurant franchise output.

1. Have a Master Franchise Control
Try to use automation which helps you control your all franchise from a place.
With the centralize franchise control system, you can minimize your movement to manage staff, payment, orders, vendors & inventory, etc. It will save even your time, efforts, and money used to monitor them.
With a central monitoring system of automation, you can see which restaurant need which inventory and when, what is the current sales status, where is restaurant staff deficiency, where is staff surplus, etc.

2. Manage Franchises' Shift 
If you own or run a restaurant franchise on high ways, freeways, or in 24x7 open location, automation helps you manage your franchise' shift for seamless 24 hours working, and thus avoid any confusion. With just a couple of clicks/ touch, you can see employees' role (or assign them), see the current and scheduled staff job, next working location, time (shift), etc.
With the automation, you can also create even shift and run your franchise restaurant all day- all night. Automation helps you manage;
a. Shift Transfer (from one employee to others)
b. Payment Transfer & collection, from one shift to others. This crucial feature helps you avoid theft, and thus money lost!
c. Shift Performance Analysis and get a detailed report of it
d. Channelise resources to make the franchise a cost-effective operation

3. Stock Management
Like shared initially in this discussion, inventory (stock) and vendor management are some of the most crucial aspects of franchise management. You can not run or cook a dish if you are lacking in stocking up an adequate inventory.
Automation can help you manage, monitor, and transfer stock in every franchise, with bare minimum efforts. It also helps in auditing stock received, purchased, and moved, from a centralized location as well.

4. Payments and Payroll management
Automation enables you to check and monitor payment received, transferred, tax & its calculation at every franchise corresponding to orders, commission, and other payouts without errors.
With automation, you avoid chances of errors related to payment, payrolls, etc. and ensures accurate money flow! Also, please remember, automation also helps you generate orders with its PoS (Point-of-Sale) mechanism at a different franchise, which you can control from a single dashboard as well.

5. Franchise Sales Management
This feature of an effective restaurant automation tool makes your franchise a profitable deal for you. With sales console or feature of automation, you can monitor and see which franchise is working and performing well. Which franchise needs special attention or needs to manage staff there for better sales.
With sales management support of a franchise restaurant automation, you can view, compare, and analyze restaurant performance as well.

6. Employee Management
Manage your staff and their performance with automation. This edge of franchise automation helps you keep transparency and increase satisfaction among the employees.

7. Automation and Workflow
Automation helps you define, decide, and execute the workflow of the franchise. It ensures seamless, error-free, and efficient workflow, thus optimizing restaurant franchise output. Workflow automation in the franchise helps you prioritize tasks and decide high & low-value jobs, and automate them accordingly. Such automation saves your time and efforts which you can utilize in other franchise activities.

8. Report and Analysis
Reports and analyses are part of any business, and so the franchise is not excluded. These details help you figure-out performance and decide future trends.
If you want to manage your restaurant franchise efficiently, make sure you implement an efficient automation tool that can generate reports, do analysis, and integrate your different operations.

9. Work offline and online
Smart automation will help you run and take orders irrespective of your internet connection.
Whether you are online or offline, you can take orders, prepare food, avoid kitchen chaos, and process bills with exact tax calculation.
Such a feature also helps you avoid the long queue of customers at your franchise, thus making your outlet a favorite spot for them to come, eat, and enjoy!
Restro Sense is one of the state-of-the-art restaurant management tools which is sturdy & capable enough to manage restaurant franchises. It can lead management of; vendors, inventory, ingredients, menu, staff, shifts, shift-performance, shift-creation, stock transfer for the franchise, etc.
Powered by AI and cloud-based database, Restro Sense not only manages your restaurant but, super smooth and interactive user-interface (touch panel) of this web and desktop application, makes you fall in love with your franchise management!
This franchise management tool helps you generate order whether you are connected to the internet or not! And, this single feature can decide your franchise growth!
Conceptualize, designed, and developed by Sixth Sense IT Solutions; next-gen Restro Sense can transform your franchise entirely and efficiently.

The market needs automation for their timely and balanced growth, and so the franchise, but if you deny accepting automation, you might soon encounter loss or dull franchise growth & management.
There are many efficient and effective automation tool which can transform your franchise management enormously. Like Restro Sense, we talked about, is capable enough to handle all the above challenges we discussed, without worry, and frees you from daily tasks management of franchise! You can use the same time to engage yourself in other better & productive activities.
It is quite important to remember that if you want to expand your business through franchise and manage them from anywhere, you must look for an efficient automation tool that gives wings to your franchise management capabilities.

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