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Web Design

Our foremost norm is to KNOW OUR AUDIENCE. We create the most appropriate design for our client’s website in accordance with the desired features advised by them and in-depth questionnaire to shape their vision visually.

Web designing requires cautious PRE & POST planning strategies to consider according to your goal and marketing plans to deliver the BEST.

One of the primary articles we ask our client is about the keywords which will help the client to know WHAT YOUR WEBSITE IS ALL ABOUT?

Responsive Design

If you want to attract more traffic or want to expand your business, then just choose RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN. It makes your web page look presentable on the wide range of device for as tablet, desktop, laptop, or any phone. It uses CSS and HTML to resize, shrink or enlarge the content to make it appealing.


Interactive Design has characterised as a client situated field of study that spotlights on the important correspondence of media through repetitive and cooperative procedures amongst individuals and innovation.

Graphics User Interface

A graphical UI (GUI), is a kind of UI that permits clients to collaborate with electronic gadgets through graphical symbols and visual pointers, For example, auxiliary documentation, rather than content based UIs, wrote order names or content route.

What Our client Says

``Outstanding and highly recommended! This is my second order, and will be placing more. I cannot say enough nice things about Sixth Sense I T Solutions.``- Duxee Inc.
``Very good work, gave me exactly what i needed. Knows what she is doing with Oscommerce. Thanks very pleased.``- Dan1178
``Mahima came through for me again. I desperately need my Android app fixed and she not only was able to find the bug but fix it promptly. Thank you so much!``-