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File Sense is the next-gen and smart File Management System. This tool helps you eliminates searches for files in the shelf, or eliminates broadcast emails looking for files, and performs file room or desk audit quickly! Also, File Sense eliminates duplication of files and thus improves productivity & reduces file management costs. Also, it helps organizations to save paper, improve file security & give authorized access only to specific people to access files!
File Tracking Sense Features File Sense is a brilliant file tracking & management software that helps your business to go paperless for the official work.
 Thus, creating a scenario of no more physical files and providing a solution to simulate the bunch of files into an electronic form.

Sixth Sense IT Solution, a division of Sixth Sense Marketing Pvt. Ltd. has developed this cloud-based document management software, or we can say; file manager software. The core purpose of this software is to handle the hierarchy of file organization by following the suitable way of workflow management as well. This tool enables the fast retrieval of files and makes file management & tracking trouble-free.

Our developers have developed remarkable document control software dealing with the management of documents right from its creation to the storage using the concept of RFID tags. Our file tracking software is developed based on Radio Frequency Identification tags for storing the file in which every file is assigned with a tag name while storing. Besides, we have tried our best of knowledge and skills to solve the issue of the file loss after a long time of storage. We, at Sixth Sense IT Solutions, have the best document management software that is useful for small as well as big enterprises like government institutes for document management. It comes with features like; file tracking, file tagging, file return, file issue, and many more excellent documents storing characteristics.

Moreover, the marketing team of our company is always ready to share the information about this unique document control software.
File Tagging
File Tagging

Give a name to each file and define its exact position for precise and accurate searching for quick access!

User Management
User Management

Ensure proper and authenticate access to each file with the advance user management feature of File Sense!

File Issue/Return
File Issue/Return

Issue or collect files hassle-free with smart file Issue/ Return feature of File Sense. No worry about the file being lost/ stolen!

Benefits of using File Tracking Software
Benefits Using File Tracking Sense
Smart & next-gen file management system
Worry & chaos-free file storage feature
Brilliant User Management for authenticating access
Issue and Return Files error-free!
Smart file drop & tracking facility!
Say no to file lost/ theft
Quick & Super easy file access

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FAQs of Filt Tracking Sense
File Tracking Sense is a cloud-based smart File Management Tool developed by the Sixth Sense IT Solutions. With this file next-gen file management software, you can manage all the aspects of the file management, completely. Thus ensure the most effective management of your important files!
Using File Sense is super easy and straightforward to install and use to manage your official files. Additionally, we have an agile support team to help you install, learn, and use this file manager software- File Tracking Sense like a pro! So, no need to worry about installation issues/support!
Whether you own or run a small or big office, file sense or file tracking sense works seamlessly for you! And, if you start using this file manager software now- you can better manage things before it becomes chaos or messy!
File Tracking Sense is undoubtedly better because it comes with RFID/ Barcode tag management system to help you tag files with their unique identity. Additionally, you can place files systematically on the shelf, track & search them, avoid the file theft, and find a file within a few seconds! Thus, making it the most effective and complete File Management Software!