Avail World-Class Smart Contracts Audit for High Security of Digital Currencies

With Smart Contract Audit, we give confidence to small and big business to conduct ICO with minimal risks.

Smart contracts are needful to assure overall automation, decentralization, and increased transparency of the process of business online. However, it is also needed to ensure about the security of smart contracts for digital currencies. It is because; hackers have knowledge to pull digital currencies as well. These types of hacks can create substantial implications for the cryptocurrency domain. And, smart contract audit is mandatory to iron out such kinks and protect digital currencies from being hacked or stolen online.

Advantages of Smart Contract Audits-
  • Calling methods on smart contract
  • Optimizing coding
  • Running the code resourcefully
  • Re-enforcing authorization
Sixth Sense for Trusted Smart Contract Audit:-

Sixth is a well-known service provider of smart contract audit service. We know that the audit of smart contracts demands both subjective assessments of the whole architecture and objective findings from the contract code as well as striking design selection. All these services are offered to clients with the help of smart contract consulting experts. We strive to evaluate that the code has been written in a right way to assure readability in addition to maintainability or not. We find out if the codebase follows the up-to-date and time-honored practices for smart contracts development.

  • Design Patterns
  • Meticulous Report
  • Flaw Remediation
  • Static Examination
  • Manual Scrutiny
  • Network Performance
Why Sixth Sense for Smart Contract Audit-
  • We offer inclusive and uniform audits of smart contracts through some independent reviews.
  • We verify the smart contract against our library of acknowledged issues that we have seen in masses of reviews.
  • We validate that the smart contract is performing the logic it was planned to and there should be no security issues.
  • Our company also determines the influence of the smart contract on the entire network, if in case it is operational.
  • Our developers and designers also perform gas analysis of customer’s smart contract and help them to optimize it.
  • We work to give our clients with a complete audit report as a certification. This confirms our customers that their smart contract has undergone through a rigorous audit.
  • In the report, we try to document each function in the contract and how it is performing to gain good business values in terms of digital currency.
  • We employ an industry standard practice that uses methods to find security issues, including static analysis, dynamic analysis, manual code review and even, manual testing.
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