Empower your Business with the Custom web and CMS Development

Customized web software assists in streamlining the process of your business and increases its efficiency of work. We are one of the most trusted and experienced web and CMS development company

Web and CMS development is a feature-rich and highly customized solution to enable your ever-flourishing business as well as wave one step ahead of all your competitors. Sixth Sense has a heritage of web and CMS development using various sorts of the frameworks based on PHP. This has given it good comments in its clients worldwide. We have developed hundreds of websites for our clients and we, actually, love doing it. We built websites on different platforms so as to harness our proven and effectual open source CMS and web development framework, experience and, agile methodologies. We build tailored web and CMS applications using the latest technology trends, such as RFID tagging, for security aspects and client’s trust.

Sixth Sense is well-established and has been in the IT field for 9 years and now, become one of the ISO certified companies in India. Our company prides themselves on the quick development and designing of the sophisticated and slick web software solutions for driving productivity and profitability into the organization. We, even, offer the top-notch API-web development service that authorizes the users and hence, enhance the capability of the business operations of leading associations. Developing the high profile and quick web applications, we assist in augmenting the preciseness of the data.

Our Expert Web Developers-

We have web developers, who are pioneers and great leaders in the field. Our team has created unique websites and satiates the demands of our happy client-base overseas. This is precisely the reason; Sixth Sense has achieved a good reputation and position as one of the top web development company on a global scale.

Web and CMS Development Solutions-

1. Custom web development using WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal too.

2. Website theme development and designing

3. Custom module development

4. PSD to specific CMS

5. Upgrading of already developed websites

6. Custom based template design

7. Unique Template Design

8. CMS web maintenance

Key Features of Web and CMS Development-

1. Easy Administration

2. Built-in SEO tools

3. Tracking of customers activity

4. High security and integrated with new features

5. Full compatibility with operating systems

6. Support various types of databases including MySQL, Generic ODBC database and so on.

Why rely on Sixth Sense?

1. Sixth Sense is the best-known CMS development company offering comprehensive services for various categories and niches of the websites.

2. We try our level best to provide our long-term clients with the alluring themes and styles for website and CMS development.

3. With us, you can get your most favorite fonts and colors designed web a page that you desire for.

4. We also, render the plugins and related modifications to bring more functionality and a good number of add-on scripts.

If you hire our company, you will have the added advantage of multi-user experience and accessibility on your website.

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