The Indian Army is known for its outstanding courage and historic victories, and they play a very critical and crucial role in the national securities. It happens because of the rigorous training conducted to make army personnel knowledgeable, skilled and fearless.

One of their prestigious training academies is Army Air Defence College. This training academy imparts technical and operational knowledge to army personnel about air defense & air combat. Academy also trains personnel from navy, air force and officers from friendly foreign nations.

Since they have a vast campus and multiple departments in the training academy, which needs to sync and perfectly coordinate each other, to make sure training executes professionally and complete its motto of conducting. But, there are always some challenges that need to take care first while attempting to achieve the aim. And, this academy also had some of them.


The academy was looking for a modern, creative and technological solution to figure out training & management related challenges like accommodations, classes, training sessions, time, groud practice, material and resource allocation to the trainees.

The new solution has to be better than the current one and brings out more productivity with the same available resources.

This challenge has many tiny individual problems first to resolve to accomplish the overall goal. For example, managing accommodation which needs complete different sets of approaches to solve it, training and classes- which again requires a different perspective to find the solution, and similarly for ground practice, resource allocation, etc.!

Proposed and Implemented Solutions

Sixth Sense IT Solution, with its creative team, created a complete custom and robust solution to accomplish the aim!

The proposed and the implemented solution is an AI-powered, cloud-based integrated solution. From this, academy staff can not only manage accommodations but also see and check which trainee has been allocated room guest house or not. For how long a trainee will acquire the housing, which current training session is going on, where the ground activities are supposed to happen and time, batch going to take part and other details that need to be stored and taken care of while training.

The solution has been implemented on their system post-training to academy staff to manage the entire tool.


Outcome fulfills their motto and needs, and helping them to manage activities in lesser time, and in a more secure way than before!

Sixth Sense IT Solution is their support-partner now and feels immensely proud of the Indian Army!

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