Indian Oil Corporation Limited, which is commonly known as India Oil; is a giant oil & gas company owned by the government of India!

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) also owns the crown of the largest commercial oil company in India as well!

Powered by the 33000+ employees, this organization has secured 1st rank in the Fortune-India 500 list of companies in 2016, and 117th in the Fortune-Global 500 lists of the world’s largest companies in the year 2019!

But, when you run such a giant firm, you have many challenges to face and resolve them smartly, and, with modern available technological solutions, to make sure you always remain on the top!

For us, challenges are the source of motivation to do something new & unusual, every time! And, this is how we came into the picture.

We have been a proud solution-provider to such a reputed and giant organization, to find a sustainable and creative solution of their some of the challenges related to resource (assets) management. It certainly adds stars to our client-list as well.


As shared above, a prominent organization has its challenges of managing things. Because you’re running on multiple locations, with significant workforce & at a different hierarchical structure, and that consume or utilize resources or assets (whether it is virtual or physical).

It becomes tough to manage resources (assets) on multiple aspects like the resource’s Life, their conditions, whether it needs to purchase new or can continue to use, or decompose the old one, and conduct the corresponding audit! And that’s the real challenge.

We were fortunate enough to grab this opportunity to be a part of the solutions-finding team with

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) to figure out an answer to this challenge.

Implemented Solutions

Sixth Sense IT Solutions was looking for an all-new-way where they can not only manage the resources/ assets but can execute an audit as well, and make sure none of the resources missed or being theft!

We put our best team to create a complete custom Artificial-Intelligent System which is a Cloud-based, and, this system feeds every resource/asset details in the super-secure database by assigning a unique QR code. This process not only makes it simple to store the details of an asset but also helps to conduct an audit with just a scanner, anytime, anywhere.

Apart from this, now, the client can also find which resource is in use at which location, and by whom! And, when someone moves from one place to another or from one department other- you can easily cross-check whether the resource has submitted or not.

This way, the client not only avoids the chances of an asset missed or theft but can also avail of a pre-arrival or pre-requisite resource management facility too.

Apart from this, our client can manage now, that, when an asset or resource needs to decompose based upon its current lifetime or sent to e-waste management centers for proper recycling.

The solution was a complete set of hardware, software, post-implementation support, and training as well!


The outcomes were excellent, and as expected!

They can now better manage their resources on all the grounds with our provided solution comparing before.

The overall system has integrated into its servers, and it is working fine.

Now, we’re a proud support-solution partner for them, and we’ll be there to assist, whenever they need us!

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