Lootel is a start-up of 21 century, of Dot Box Conception Pvt Ltd, which provides premium washroom services on a commercial basis. Lootel works on the Pay, Use and Redeem model where a user pays for the washroom usage and redeem coupons on the Lootel-Café to buy or pay their favorite and delicious food bill!

Startup India has recognized Lootel for its fantastic and out of the box sanitation model, which is not only safe, secure to use but also provides a complete hygienic toilet service.

You can see their smart, self-sustainable, and IoT enabled toilet cafés in Indore (the city is already known for its cleanness and hygiene). These smart-toilet cafes are entirely air-conditioned, superbly cleaned, managed, and have soft background music with ambient light, to give you a premium experience of using a public toilet!

Since Lootel is redefining the way, public toilets are being used and experienced in India. Till now, Lootel has served more than 65K people with just two smart toilet-café solutions, and has generated revenue of more than 7.1 million!

Well, while doing so or when you’re on a mission to create something new, you have to face a lot of challenges and be ready for the upcoming, as well. But, when a right team of professionals powers you- you love to play with problems!


One of the main challenges Lootel faced was to find a robust technical partner who can handle the technical part of this smart toilet-café. Like, integration of multiple sensors’ (temperature, smoke, odor, UV) output to a software system and present it on the dashboard, to control it as well, and makes it complete IoT and Artificial-Intelligent system. Because the washroom needs to be clean after a fixed number of uses by UV, automatically, have self and auto door close facilities, lighting, alarm in case of any issue or danger appears, redeem coupons at the café and also manage the entire café.

Proposed and implemented Solution

Managing so many tasks by an individual seems sturdy and can’t be done professionally; hence Sixth Sense IT Solutions came forward for the Solution and put their best team on it.

It took many brainstorming sessions to get the exact solutions crafted and implemented. Sixth Sense IT Solutions developed bespoke software & hardware solution (suggest), to make sure Lootel runs uninterrupted always for the public!

Apart from this, Sixth Sense IT Solutions also proposed its Lootel-café management system. The system is a complete ‘food & outlet management system’, and capable enough to manages inventory, ingredients used to cook a dish, order management through POS, bill generation, and tax calculation. You can also manage multiple outlets from a single panel, do shift management & shift transfer, report generation, performance analysis, and overall management of the outlet to give new strength to Lootel!

It was a challenge to manage so many things in a system, professionally, with total quality and satisfaction, but the team at Sixth Sense IT Solutions successfully did it!


The entire journey till the Solution created and the launched was splendid and one of the best experiences for the team as well.

Implement and integrated IoT-enabled cloud-based solution, is working fantastically at the outlet and till now more than 65K people have used this smart-toilet café!

SixthSense IT Solution is still a very proud technical- support and solutions partner of Lootel and feels amazingly happy to be associated with them!

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