Indore Management Association (IMA) is one of the fasted and significant contributors to All India Management Association (AIMA), which shares, discuss and exchange information & ideas for the betterment of businesses, and the economy.

In 1963, Indore Management Association (IMA) formed, and it is a prominent association of the professionals, entrepreneurs, and students from diversifying domains. This organization registered in July 1990 under the provision of the M.P. Non-Trading Corporation Act. 1962. IMA always brings some genius and brilliant minds from business, management, and other creative domains on a single platform.

This single platform helps the audience to listen to them, their thoughts, interact & ask questions, and explore the future from their perspective.

When you’re a part of such events, you always uplift your thinking and helps others as well to broaden the horizon!

This event is known for gathering the most number of business management associated who have gathered together with the motto of information exchange and its sharing.


One of the very prime challenges was to manage thousands of visitors/ audience and make sure they are all authorized (pre-registered) to access the event. And, the second challenge was to channelize them all to avoid any chaos!

Third, also, manage the details of everyone, and to make sure it safe while it can be accessed from web/ mobile at any time, anywhere.

Solution Implemented

Sixth Sense IT Solutions put their best team to understand the problem and figure out a solution that is sustainable and affordable at the same time as well!

Thus, Sixth Sense IT Solutions created an AI-powered cloud-based brilliant web & mobile solutions for Indore Management Association (IMA). This solution is capable enough to help them to manage their registration, secured check-ins through QR code scan, access to the food court, and management of the entire database as well.

Bespoke web and mobility solutions, implemented for Indore Management Association (IMA) were a milestone in the direction of finding the way to handle challenges easily because the solution provided was perfect in working and helped them enormously to let the event executed professionally.


Like shared, the solutions created for them, worked the way like expected and sincerely helped them to have the entire program executed.

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