IEE (Industrial Engineering Expo, Indore) is considered one of the most renowned events which are not only big but also handles more than 50K visitors along with exhibitors.

This event takes place every year in Indore, and the Expo has a theme of showcasing the latest technologies, their applications, and solutions out of those technologies for the betterment of businesses, IT firms, and humanity.

Since this event is quite popular among the people, hence the crowd gathering is visible. And, when such a massive number of visitors come, they also bring some challenges to face and handle. For example, traffic management at the event site, audience’s pass management, their registration, secured entry to the venue and smooth interaction & information sharing among the visitors, exhibitors, and organizers.


The challenges were to manage such a big event with the latest technologies and provide a robust & handy solution. The solution must be easy to implement, as well. As hared above, an exhibition comes with the challenges, and if not handled them professionally; it can create chaos or lead to event failure as well!

Solutions Implemented

The challenges were to execute registration of visitors, exhibitors, and provide organizers all the details on a centralized web-panel. From the same panel, organizers can see the status of the registered audience, and helping visitors to generate their softcopy of the pass along with getting printed it as physical entry-pass at the entry gate. Challenges also included helping visitors & exhibitors to exchange details, avoid the use of pen-paper, hence save the environment and generate potential leads.

Sixth Sense IT Solutions helped IEE (Industrial Engineering Expo) by creating a web-portal and robust mobility solutions by an APP, which users can download (exhibitors & Visitors) and register themselves with a few details. These app & web also help them to get their soft copy of the pass generated and communicate with the organizers in case of any query comes!

This AI-powered, cloud-based system monitors every aspect of the registration, physical pass generation, and secured check-ins in the event followed by QR code scanning (having relevant info of particular person), and seamless information sharing between the visitors and exhibitors with just a quick scan from the mobile phones!

Sixth Sense IT Solutions Helped them by providing the unmatched technical, and exact solution, which was not only suitable but secured as well at the same time. The system hosted in the super-fast & super-safe cloud-based database facilities of the Sixth Sense IT Solutions.


Since the proposed and the implemented solution was the exact solution the client was looking for- so certainly are happy and we’re still a proud technology partner to IEE (Industrial Engineering Expo).

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