Automobile Service Solution

It’s right to convert your Automobile Service Centre in a brilliant ROI!

Do you own an auto garage where you repair vehicles and offer maintenance services- but still making bills with pen & paper? We have got a fantastic solution for you.

Cloud-Based Automobile Service Solution, prepared by Sixth Sense IT Solution is one of the most prominent tools you can confidently use in your automobile center. With this tool, you can automate your billing with a secured record maintains of every vehicle served in your service center.

With Automobile Service Solution, you can feed details corresponding to every vehicle, prepare a checklist after inspection, let the user book service-time or slot, execute services professionally, add items going to consume in vehicle servicing, and perform the final bill with the best possible discount to your customers.

You not only manage transparency along with quality but also win the trust of your customers for the future as well, with this tool.

Apart from this, you can maintain an entire record of the served vehicle which you can access any time, anywhere. Even if the same vehicle or automobile comes in your automobile service station in the future, you can see its service-history, and perform tasks as per for better performance.

This tool will not only make your management automate but will save your time, efforts and assuredly money.

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