Edu Sense

Transform your Education management System magically!

Imparting education is the noblest profession, but when learners increase with time, it becomes a bit harder to manage them- because you have limited time to execute things.

And, here comes the Edu Sense, which is a brilliant Education ERP, to help you manage your education system entirely.

Edu Sense is one of the most productive & complete educations management systems (or can say Education ERP) to manage your day to day tasks like fee collection, fee reminder, all sorts of the operational functions. Edu Sense also manages administration, staff management, catering, etc., which you have to do daily now, old-fashioned.

This Education ERP manages every task we talked about above and frees you from any confusion & errors. It also saves your time and efforts which otherwise you had to put into managing the same details regularly.

Edu Sense comes with a brilliant cloud-based super-secured database storage facilities that give you the next level of satisfaction and confidence, that, your details are safe with Edu Sense. Because, you can’t risk losing files cause of system failure or any virus, or deletion of important information mistakenly.

Sixth Sense IT Solutions’ powered Education ERP solutions; Edu Sense helps you avoid such mistakes!

Get your current education management reformed whether it is school or college or an institute, and increase your institutional performance many folds.

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