Warehouse Management System

Manage your warehouse; any time, anywhere!
WMS is a robust and cloud-based next-generation business intelligence Software & system designed for warehouses management.

The Warehouse Management System (WMS), powered by the creative team of Sixth Sense IT Solutions is one of the best available Warehouse Management Software solutions you can go with to manage your warehouse professionally, from anywhere and anytime. You can see and manage inventory or stock availability. What else can come up in the warehouse and in which area, when a stock is supposed to dispatch, upcoming receiving, naming, put-away, IWT (internal warehouse transfer), user management, and many features to cover all warehouse activities.

This Warehouse Management Software has designed to keep in mind of SMEs as well, and this tool is quite user-friendly too- that’s why you can use it without any special skills to operate this.

With WMS (Warehouse Management Software) of Sixth Sense IT Solutions, you can also manage all the activities from mobile too, and monitor the overall updates & progress, remotely.

After WMS implementation, you can undoubtedly observe a significant shift in your operations and overall performance.

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