Sales Force Automation

Arm your sales force with automation!

Sales-force is the backbone of any business, and if you automate them with some tool- they can do wonders, unlike any other team which still runs on traditional methods.

Get your salesforce automated with Sixth Sense IT Solutions’ could-based Sales Force Automation system (salesforce tracking application). It is an essential next-gen armour for the sales team!

Sixth Sense powered Sales Force Tracking App or tool not only makes sales & ground tasks smoother but also increases the work efficiency dramatically of the overall organisation and its members.

Our sales force automation (SFA), is a robust and essential sales force tracking application solution that manages your order, visits, meetings, status, order/ lead’s status, work performed & pending, and other details.

You can explore more of our SFA tool by dropping us your query. We’d love to answer that.

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