Question Sense

With Question Sense, you need to decide the question-paper format and this brilliant cloud-based tool will have it printed for you to conduct the exam anytime, anywhere and without errors!

Put details like the number of questions and their ratio to the marks associated with them. And that’s it. This tool will automatically decide which question will be there in the paper and why while maintaining the overall question VS marks ratio. Because of the Question Sense, which automatically generates questions out of its library; are transparent in their selection and making your exam entirely fair.

This tool simplifies the method and efforts you used to put into drafting a paper while maintaining (its question vs marks) ratio- and getting it printed.

Question Sense, cause of its ease of working and smooth dashboard, makes it possible to use it in institutes, colleges, schools and certainly in the coaching or tuition centers as well.

This Question Sense will not only generate(s) paper(s) for you but keep them transparent, simple, fair and saves your time which otherwise you would have put into doing the same task manually!

Get more details with us, and for business queries, please feel free to ask.

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