File Management System

Can you afford to lose or theft of your file? No! Then get the FMS today to avoid this!

You can manage your files manually with their entries either in the register or your memory, but with increasing the number of records, you can not opt to go with the same practice.

Entropy or disorder should not be the words to describe your file management process or system because there are always chances of files missed or hard to locate when you need it the most.

Sixth Sense IT Solutions’ Powered Cloud-based File Management Software & System (FMS) comes with all-new and modern features to get your files stored, managed, retrieved, and securely placed. Hence, avoiding its theft and redefine your entire files management system!

FMS has a brilliant and interactive dashboard that helps you scan files (with code like RFID, QR, and Bars) with a unique id on it and store them at a specific location on a shelf. It allows users to access files with their member card, and submit at the counter or automatic drop-box table (as well). This feature helps them avoid long queues at the issue or deposit-counter.

This File Management Software & System (FMS) also avoids unauthorized access to the classified or files that were not issued by the system to read or carry home.

With this brilliant File Management Software, you not only make your file management process seamless but make secure at the same time.

Know more how this brilliant system can boost your file management process and system.

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