Expense App

Make your sales-expenses legitimate with the Expense App!

You can’t run things without the expenses, whether it is a promotion, branding, sales activities or marketing. The spending comes naturally with any business activity you do.

But if the expenses are not legitimate- they can certainly burn your pocket and get things stopped after some time, especially in the sales & marketing business.

Expense App from the Sixth Sense IT Solutions makes your sales-expenses countable and pre-approved before you proceed to utilize the money. It helps you & your sales team to avoid unnecessary expenses in your pocket and flow of your hard-earned money. With the Expense App, you can monitor your sales-expenses, make the money-flow accountable, approve the expense limit, instant approval and reimbursement, and other activities associated with the sales & marketing-expenses; can be controlled with this app.

Expense App helps you; save money, efforts to manage those expenses which otherwise you had to do manually in the excel or paper. It also enables you to avoid any confusion, find the exact loop-holes and fix them, do a fair money distribution among the sales team, and run the things professionally.

Know more about this transforming app from Sixth Sense IT Solutions, and get your money flow cycle fixed, better than before.

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