20 ways to Grow your Business in 2020!

The recent decade was full of ups and downs. Some news was awesome while some were awful. Some of them were joyful while some were sad!

The same period noticed a maximum number of start-ups rise and fall, funding, and investment. Technology upgraded to its newer form, and its application changed and widened the scope. Its acceptance and rejection were continually going on. But one thing was clear all the way, was, GROWTH. It was a prime factor to govern these all technological changes, upgrades, and its application in the market.

We have seen lots of new technological things in the last decade, and it was amazing to know, understand and feel them. We have entered into the world of virtual reality, and now augmented reality is becoming a reality of today! You can travel in the human body virtually and operate, or travel around the world with VR in just a couple of seconds.

Now, the time has come to explore and implement further aspects of technology, and grow business to the maximum level.

In this blog, we will read about 20 ways we can implement to grow our business in 2020! Let’s read it now!

1) Say HELLO to Digital Presence!

Time has gone when people use to visit the office or workplace to validate your authenticity. Now, people prefer to search for online presence. And, if you have so, it is all good, but if not- you need to think about it soon! Digital Presence is now your first impression. The smarter and more precise you have a presence (website) in the digital world, the better is this.

You can hire or contact a digital marketing firm like Sixth Sense It Solutions which is well known for their creative and out of the box web solutions, to establish your digital presence.

2) Leverage Social Media to its Fullest!

Once the digital presence has set up- you should now leverage the real power of digital media (social media) and start utilizing it.

Have social media accounts on major social media platforms and try to connect with your audience there. Promote your offers, latest happenings, new products, services, news, etc. Put efforts to increase your engagement and try to provide support as well.

If implemented these steps, you can experience what a professionally managed social media platform can do for you!

3) Manage your Clients with Love!

Client Management is the key to the success of any business.

You can have as many clients as you want, initially. But if they are not served professionally or ignored, it is not far before you start losing them at a rate higher than you acquire them. Have a Client Relationship Management tool like CRM Sense through which you can manage them efficiently.

4) Improve Sales & Marketing Cycle
Improving the sales & marketing cycle can decide your business growth. The more transparent, clear and precise you make it, the better business growth you notice.

If not used by now, try to use any automation tool which can refine, redefine, rearrange your sales & marketing operations. Even CRM Sense can help you in this. It has all the features you can use to revamp your entire sale cycle.

5) Manage Your Field Salesforce

If you deal in a business that needs ground activities, try to use an automation tool that eases your work, and make your efforts productive.

An automation tool like CRM Sense can help you monitor your ground staff, their location, distance traveled, meet-ups done, visits completed, pending & current meetings, expenses, leaves attendance, etc. And, Such vital information can tell you whether you are hitting the right target or not! You can redefine your activities and make them actual productive.

6) Manage Your Assets!

Assets come with a price, and you have to put effort initially to earn that money! Do not you think you must take care of your asset, resource and physical property for its long life? Well, yes, you must!

But when you have resources/ assets in the higher number or at a different location- it becomes hard to manage them. Here comes the need of some digital tool which can help you in this. For instance, Asset Sense is an AI-powered cloud-based tool which is efficient enough to manage, locate, identify assets with just a click or scan. This tool helps you define and identify asset with RF-ID or QR code anywhere in the premises. You can see where is your resource being used and by whom.

Apart from this, when you manage your assets, they perform better for a longer time with the same efficiency, thus decreases your expenses over maintenance.

7) How Do You Manage Your Expenses?

Right, so, how do you manage your expenses? Do you have some tools, methods, or old-fashioned methods to keep them in the record? Well, if not having a channelized way- it is an alarm to think on it now before its too late!

There are plenty of apps, automation tools, and automation solutions available to manage your expenses.

Expense management helps you differentiate between legitimate and avoidable expenses. Some expenses are mandatory, while some can be cut short. The only concern is to identify those and fix it.

Expense Sense is the right automation solution that helps you define, manage, and approve Salesforce expense along with instant reimbursement. It enables you to avoid money drainage, and improve performance with the time.

8) Run eMail Campaigns

It is one of the most effective methods which helps you grow business and deliver your message directly to the clients’ inbox. You can design better eMail campaigns and reach the target audience in a short time.

Once you have the legitimate data of the clients, you can connect with them by sending your proposals, offering, latest happening, and wishing them on their special day. This tactic is widely used by professionals to let their customers feel special, and informed about you!

There are many tools on the internet you can use. For example, CRM Sense offers you send an eMail through it and send a proposal directly to prospects. This tool saves you time, money, and efforts which otherwise you have to put doing the same tasks from different means or systems.

9) Have a Team? Nurture It!

You can run faster alone, but not for long! And, if you want to go far- you just got to have a team with you.

The same principle applies to the business as well. You can not manage every task of your enterprise. You need human resources to manage business-operations and take care of your business. Hence, here comes the importance of team handling. Involve with each member of the team and try to help them in their tough time, and celebrate their happiness as well.

These simple efforts will help you retain brilliant resources with you for a longer time, and build your firm. Because hiring a new resource and train it- will cost more than your calculation. Plus, it will take time to build trust and understanding with each other, which is another aspect of hiring!

There are many HR management tools available in the market like HR Sense which you can use to optimize your team (human resource) performance by managing their details.

10) Manage Payroll and Compliance

This task comes under team management, but it is crucially important as well, hence it needs a separate description.

There have seen irregularities in payroll (maintenance) and HR compliance, which causes dissatisfaction among the employees, and they start leaving firms. This poor retention has a negative impact on the organizational performance and hence the balance sheet- which in turn is not suitable for a firm, at all!

You must make sure your employees get their salaries on time, have all issues sorted, work in harmony, understand the organizational aim, hierarchy, etc. But managing these old-fashioned can not help you.

So, what are the solutions?

You must look for an automation tool which makes these task a piece of cake. But not every automation tool can do.

There is a bunch of HR management tools available, but some of them are either complex or have complicated UI to navigate.

Here comes the HR Sense. This tool comes with new, simple, yet straightforward UI to help you manage Payroll, Leaves, Attendance, and other HR Compliances with total quality and complete satisfaction.

With HR Sense, you can execute HR management tasks with full transparency in lesser time. It will also help you create a positive atmosphere among the employees & about the firm as well.

11) Hire Right Candidate

Organizational growth depends upon its capabilities. And, these capabilities depend upon the resource you have!

Having knowledgable, right, and informative candidates are the core of business growth because their skills add values to the organizational capabilities and make it shine like a star.

Looking at all major start-ups, they had some initial ideas, but majorly they had the capabilities to execute those ideas. And these capabilities decide the future of your business. Hence, you must always hire a right and eligible candidate.

Here automation also works like magic! With HR Sense, which is one of the brilliant examples of automation, manages your recruitment process like a pro. It helps you shortlist, conducts the interview, pipelined them for next round, and select them hassle-free. Thus, saving your precious time, money, and efforts.

12) Manage your Inventory

Have stocks or inventory in your business that need periodic maintenance? You must get to have then an inventory management tool today! Because you can not afford inventory wastage because of poor inventory management.

Please remember, any falls caused due to inventory loss, is indeed a hindrance to your business. And if this is the situation- how you can imagine business growth!

So, how to get rid out of this? – use an efficient tool, system or a custom software which can help

you manage even every single entity of your stock (from inventory and minimize its wastage).

For example, ERP Sense is another tool that not only helps you manage inventory but also triggers an alarm when there is low stock left. Thus keeps your inventory/ stock in balance and avoid wastage. ERP Sense comes with web and desktop modules, which are simple, interactive, and smooth to run!.

13) Manage your Projects Professionally!

If you are a project-driven firm, you must ensure professionalism during handling projects because clients do not want to see chaos, rush, hurry in their projects.

A professionally managed projects complete on time and generate minimum bugs. While if there is any project delivered in a hurry - it will come back with bags & full of errors. And such projects become liabilities for the firm.

You are here to make your assets, not liabilities. Hence, try to manage projects either with the help of custom software or an effective automation system. For example, PMS Sense is next-gen, smart and AI-powered Project Management System.

This system manages your team, their working on the project, performance, time consumed, cost, status, module monitoring, project-tracking, and every tiny & essential element needed for professional project management.

And, when you implement automation, you bring more projects and thus help the business to grow many-folds.

14) Do Not Let Customers Stand in the Queue!

When people are getting faster in their life, they hate or try to avoid queues- hence online purchase is increasing.

But, when sometimes they visit shops, and if they find any queue, they avoid going there for the next time or hardly enter in the shop.

So, how to tackle it? Well, you can avail them of either the online purchase and if not, try to use a quick ordering system, to avoid the queue at the billing counter.

POS Sense and mPOS Sense are the two widely acceptable order processing tools from Sixth Sense It Solutions, which helps merchants to process order super-quick. These two tools help you avoid long queues, process orders smartly, efficiently, and quickly. You also save your time which otherwise invested in the tax calculation- as taxation is done by these two tools automatically while processing orders.

With mPOS Sense, you can process orders even from the corner of your shop with your mobile. No need to buy any new device or connections. It is the real power of the mPOS Sense system as it makes your mobile a point of sale (POS). Thus helps your business grow by generating quick orders, instantly, without errors, and avoid any extra or long queues of the customers.

And, when customers can process orders quickly, they would love to visit your shops frequently.

15) Always do Market Research

If you are in a phase of setting up a new business or new a scheme- always do homework of studying market previously.

There are many competitors of yours standing in your ways of growth, which you have to face anyway. But how to deal with it? Well, there is a way to have it done like a pro.

Simply do thorough market research and understand the competition. If you launch a project, task, or anything, please ensure first that you have researched your target audience, market, price, promotion, branding, and cost, associated with the project.

Doing this will help you not to face any surprises in the future and prepares for all challenges.

CRM Sense and ERP Sense helps you analyze your current business trends and predict future sales.

This tactic will minimize the chances of future errors and failure.

16) Use Automation

Automation is the future of business because it eases the task and does it better than us.

Automation tools for essential tasks like CRM, HRM, ERP and Project Management increase performance and increase business operational efficiency. Thus overall business growth!

17) Build Network

Network with relevant people helps you grow business many-folds.

When united with the right minds, you can better channel your resources and learn something new every day. Try to attend seminars, webinars, social gatherings, tech-discussion as much as possible. And, you would notice an increasing business growth, networks, and brilliant ideas to grow your business.

18) Understand Your Customers

What client needs - run the market! This line is still valid and will always be.

It is your core duty and responsibility to make sure whatever you offer either creates a demand for it or revolves around your solutions around their needs. Then only you can generate business, else not!

So, try to explore what better you can do for the customer or what is the need they are looking to resolved. Just work around the same, and you would be in profit!

19) Try to Sell Online

If you can sell your services or product online, you must!

People are coming more and more on the online platform. That is why the market has never seen so much boom on the eCommerce websites.

People prefer to buy online because they can read, explore, and compare products at per their convenience. Apart from this, they can avail of some excellent discounts while shopping online.

You can make an eCommerce website and launce your product/ services there. It will help you generate income and thus ease your business growth!

Sixth Sense IT Solutions can help you build interactive and modern eCommerce web solutions, including mobile apps as well.

20) Explore Passive Income

Extra income is always helpful, and it helps you manage ups and downs quite well.

But you can not earn extra income until and unless you free yourself from daily routine and find some spare minute to explore new business opportunities.

So how to do that? Well, it is quite simple.

As shared above, try to use tools, software, automation wherever you can to increase your efficiency and save your time. For example, Restro Sense is a brilliant automation tool that not only manages your restaurant from the vendor, inventory management until the final yummy dish it out on the table! It also helps you manage and monitor every single gram of raw materials and thus free you from the daily restaurant tasks management! And, once you are free, you can explore- how you can expand your restaurant business, what else you can do to increase profit, what are the new menus you should work upon, etc.

So, these were the 20 ways you can increase your business efficiency, boost performance and thus growth.

We would be happy to know if you have some other ways to grow business.

And, do not miss to comment on your feedback.

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