Does CRM save your time or waste in data entries?

CRM, which is an abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management; is a widely used sales & marketing tool nowadays.

Companies have started using CRM for 360 degrees management of their clients, and to provide them with brilliant services to keep them satisfied! Those firms which were not using CRM yet- are now in the queue to have it with them as well!

Well, why there is a hype for the CRM? Can not we run things without it? Is CRM truly beneficial or does it waste a lot of your time in data entries?
Let's find out answers in this blog that moves around the same theme.

1) Attendance and Leave Management 
You can have multiple ways for your office staff to mark their attendance or leave. Like, physical entries in the register, thumb impression, login to a digital system, etc.
But, for a field sales team- how you are going to assure these details? You can not ask your sales team to come to the office first and mark their login, and then start executing their ground sales activities? Or delay the meeting because they have not signed in yet! Correct? 
Because, if you follow such practices- you are not only going to waste valuable working hours of your sales team, but going to make them irritate as well. Here data entry will burn your time, and nothing else. While, if you use CRM for the same purpose, you can help them execute multiple tasks on the same day!
When your sales team has access to mark their attendance on the go with a CRM tool like CRM Sense; they undoubtedly have better productivity because they need not move around the office to mark their presence!
Hence, here one point goes to CRM!

2) Meetings, Scheduling, and Execution!
How do you store your meeting details? And how you schedule them? Do you use a notebook or a pen & paper to save details post-meeting?
If yes, then, apparently you are wasting your time doing things which you should stop doing!
Because if you still use the physical mode of data entries which you can avoid with a CRM- you are just going to make it tough to manage your clients efficiently. Why? Well, you will not be having enough time in the future to take care of your clients when their number rises!
Also, you can retrieve the details even when you are on the mobile, desktop, or tablet if missed to carry your notebook- because all the details are on the cloud-DB which is safe & comfortable to use. Thus, even if you lose your book- you have details saved with you!
Apart from this, if you have to send proposals between the meetings- you can do it with CRM!
Hence, try to go with CRM when you have to schedule, execute, or maintain the details related to meetings as it will not only store your details but will plan everything with just a few initial inputs!
Here, 2nd point goes with CRM!

3) Reports, Analysis, and Performance
If you think data entry is the wastage of time for someone to use CRM, here is something interesting to know. If you use pen & paper to have details saved about your sales activities- how you are going to perform the below tasks:
a) Reports
b) Analysis
c) Performance Analysis of team and individuals
d) Expense Management, and
e) Real-time support on the field!

Such imperative tasks govern the sales & marketing business, but if you are not having access to these crucial details- you are missing AMAZING BENEFITS like;
a) How much a resource is generating sales
b) Which resource is underperforming, and why!
c) What are the loopholes and how to fix them!
d) Where to focus more to generate sales?
e) Which client is an asset to a company and which is a liability!
f) What is a team performance, firm performance, and individual performance!

And, many such BENEFITS can be missed out if you still follow the old-fashion ways of data entries or think to avoid to use CRM!
Remember, you have to store data, either in the notebook or in the CRM- but CRM gives you better and more vibrate output than anything else!

4) Expense Management
How do you manage your current expenses? Do you record your all payments in an excel, spreadsheet, or in a notebook? 
Well, you can manage things like this in a notebook or like ways shared above, but this is not quite a suitable solution if you have to find (or check) details like;
a) Legitimate Expenses
b) Fake Bills/ invoices
c) Cut short unnecessary expenses 
d) Real-time reimbursement, etc.

Although you are also doing data entries in the notebook, spreadsheet, or here & there, still, applying the above checks is not possible.
And, even somehow, if you applied the checks, you can not analyze them or find the loopholes! Hence, here CRM comes out as a winning agent than traditional data storing methods!
So, throughout the content, we found that; though CRM also requires a few data entries task, which is almost similar to storing details in the notebook. Still, with CRM, you can better play with the data and get amazing results to make your sales & marketing business shine!
Also, it has even more productivity that traditional ways of doing business, and saves you a lot of hours, if calculated over a period!

I Hope, this content will have been useful to you, and if there is any feedback for us, please feel free to share.
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