Free SEO Checker to Test your Website with Seobility

Adhering to search engine guidelines is a critical determinant of your website's success. The SEO Checker assesses your website and provides valuable insights and recommendations to optimize your site for sustained success in search engine optimization!

Free website checker

Utilize the free SEO checker from Seobility for a rapid assessment of your website optimization. Identify technical errors and on-page SEO issues hindering your site's potential for top search engine rankings. Receive a comprehensive SEO score along with individual sub-scores for key categories, such as meta-information, page quality, structure, links, server configuration, and external factors. The prioritized task list will guide you in making immediate improvements for quick and noticeable results.

Meta information

For search engines to comprehend the content of your website, it's essential to offer meta-information aiding in content categorization. The Seobility SEO Checker detects errors and SEO issues within your meta-information, including:

  • Meta titles and descriptions that may be too short or excessively long for search result snippets.
  • Meta tags causing hindrances to search engine indexing.
  • Absence of canonical links.
  • Inconsistencies in language declarations.
  • Issues related to problematic domain names or page URLs.

Page quality

Unlock the complete potential of your content

Premium content stands out as a crucial factor for SEO success. To facilitate search engines in comprehending and ranking your content for pertinent keywords, it's vital to steer clear of page quality problems such as:

  • Insufficient text on a page
  • Duplicate content
  • Outdated website elements like framesets
  • Inadequate optimization for mobile devices
  • Images lacking alt attributes
  • Ads overlaying your content

Utilize the SEO Checker to identify and address these and other potential issues, ensuring your content isn't hindered by quality problems.

Page and link structure

Facilitate seamless navigation for search engines across your website

Search engines favor well-organized websites that facilitate efficient crawling.

The SEO Checker detects issues hindering search engines from effectively analyzing your website, such as:

  • H1 headings that are either too short or too long
  • Incorrect order of headings or empty heading tags
  • Internal links containing dynamic parametersDuplicate anchor texts within internal links
  • Unfavorable quantity of internal or external links

Server configuration

Ensure a solid technical foundation for your website

A flawless and high-performing technical setup is crucial for search engines to seamlessly crawl your website, a prerequisite for securing top rankings.

The SEO Checker meticulously examines your web page for server errors and various technical issues, including:

  • Misconfigured redirects between www and non-www subdomains
  • HTTP header problems
  • Lengthy page response times
  • Excessive number of CSS and JavaScript files
  • Large HTML file size

External factors

Achieve lasting SEO success by considering external factors beyond your website. The SEO checker helps you pinpoint potential weaknesses in the following areas:


Ensure your website isn't listed on blacklists, avoiding any hindrance to its appearance in search results.


Validate the strength of your website's backlink profile, as these links signal endorsement and value. Assess if your site has a diverse array of links from various sources.

Social Media:

Evaluate the social media presence of your website, examining its visibility and sharing across social platforms.

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