How Queue Affects Your Restaurant Performance, Customer Experience, and Retention?

Queues are considered as the most tedious and annoying task if you ask with the customers. Why? because people are already packed with their tight schedules and have almost no time to stand in queues!

This is why every day new solutions are coming in the market to helps people either remove queue or avoid it altogether. And, surprisingly, people are accepting it with open arms!

In this blog, we are going to talk about- How Queue Affects Your Restaurant Performance, Customer Experience, and Retention?

1) Queue increases the overall time of the task processing!

When you go to a restaurant to eat, first you have to place an order. And, if you have to stand in a queue for long to place orders, it is going to make your experience bitter!

Queue time is something that people want to avoid so that they have more time to enjoy their dine-in.

Apart from this, standing in the queue is not possible for everyone.

Like, senior citizens, a pregnant woman, child, and differently-abled person can not stand in the queue for long. Or they would even prefer not to go to such a restaurant or food outlet where they have to stand in a line for food ordering! Thus, affecting your customer experience and retention.

2) Queue sometimes Creates chaos!

Well, this statement seems a bit strange because queues are to avoid chaos or for the systematic execution of the task. But, at the same time, if people have to wait longer in the line, it can create problems!

Longer the queue time, higher the probability of the rush and chaos!

Apart from this, when there is a queue for the order placement, it creates a snowball effect that pushes the kitchen to process orders quickly, thus creating a hurry and chaos cycle!

When there is a hurry in order processing, it becomes even tough to collect feedback and suggestions from the client, listen to them, or their problems- which again irritates customers! Thus, it pushes customers to think of other options because by now, customers have already faced a bitter experience of your services and offerings!

When you miss collecting feedback and suggestions, you also lose the opportunity to make your restaurant better. This lack of feedback can have a long term impact on the restaurant's reputation!

3) Poor performance

A Queue can affect your restaurant performance because a queue can never be a favorite spot for your customers to stand and spend time! Right?

So, if you do not want to affect or minimize your restaurant or food-outlet profit, try to minimize or avoid the queue time of your customers.

A long queue at your restaurant reflects the absence of the workforce, technology, automation. And, it sends a message that you do not care about your customers’ time!

For example, IRCTC, the online train and flight ticket portal in India, magnifies its growth and profit by minimizing the queue time on its website, up to milliseconds!

Apart from this, IRCTC not only helped thousands of the people booked tickets, but also helped many people see, check, and find their suitable train at the same time!

Automation and Queue!

So, we have seen that queues can affect a restaurant’s business, customer experience, but we have not discussed the solutions.

Well, there are many solutions in the market now, which are not only smart but can help you grow your restaurant many-folds with the same resource!

For example, Restaurant Reservation Apps (Table Booking App) is one of the most likable solutions which helps customers to book a table in your favorite restaurant, and at their time!

This app is completely free and helps customers not only book a seat/ table in their restaurant but also allows them to select a favorite restaurant from the list, at their preferred time, and with the most fancied dish!

Once a customer book a table, he/ she is free from the worry of going to restaurant hours/ minutes before to wait and stand in queue for order placement!

Also, with technological solutions like Table Booking App- customers can pre-request your restaurant to prepare their dishes, like the way they want, and at their time. Thus, saving customers’ valuable time and efforts!

Apart from this, there are other solutions, as well. Like My Menu App, which lets your customers place orders while they come for dine-in. This mobile app scans the QR code posted at every table, and give access to customers to place orders from their mobile app- by themselves. Thus, helping them avoiding queues, lines, or any chaos.

For more or custom solutions for your restaurant to avoid queues and maximize the profit, you can call or discuss it with us.

We would be happy to help you!

Apart from this, please let us know how do you like the content. Your feedback is valuable to us!

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