How Rewards Can Increase Your Customer Retention And Average Bill Size?

When you appreciate you get more in return!

This appreciation can be rewards, gifts, freebie, points, or anything. And, the same trend is now followed by businesses to attract new customers while retaining the old one!

Talking about rewards, so, it is becoming a viral business tactic in the restaurant and food & beverage industry!

Restaurants are offering huge discounts, offers, coupons, and rewards to increase the probability of customers’ next visit, but also the average bill size!

In this blog, we are going to talk- how Rewards Can Increase Your Customer Retention and Average Bill Size?

1) Attract New Customers and Increase Customer Retention

When a customer knows about your rewards points and system in your restaurant which he/she can redeem in the future either in bill pay or getting something for free; it drives them happily to your restaurant to taste the food! Thus, increasing your customer base!

Similarly, with rewards, your existing customers feel special and appreciated when they get rewards points returns to their visits.

This small gesture of your makes your existing customers feel valued, hence increasing your brand sense!

From research, increasing customer retention just by mare percentage can shift your revenue by more than 50%! It happens because loyal customers have faith in your services; hence they are more likely to spend more in your restaurant!

2) Business Growth

Since, with reward points, you grow your customer base, you grow your business. That’s it!

With a small investment in rewards points, you can retain customers higher than one who does not use rewards points — thus increasing your business revenue many times!

Business growth is directly proposal to current clientele — higher the customer base- higher the sale, and thus more revenue.

With rewards, you increase your business because you increase your sales from new and existing customers!

Apart from this, with reward points, you can up & cross-sell other items as well, therefore increasing additional revenue!

3) Collect Valuable Data

With the Rewards points system, you can collect valuable data from customers which will ultimately grow your business!


Well, you can ask your customers about their email, number, birthday, anniversary, and other special days. With these details, you can plan your next offer, and send them customized offers in their inbox; to come and enjoy a meal at an entirely discounted price (only for them).

If you drop 100 messages each day like this, there is a considerable probability to get many of them to come to your restaurant to celebrate their day!

Sending a personal message to your clients will let them feel quite connected, valuable, and novel to your restaurant.

Thus bringing them again to your restaurant and increasing the average bill size!

4) Better communication - Better Feedback

With rewards points and rewards system, you can better communicate with your clients and collect their feedback.

Like, we are shared before in our other blog on; ‘FEEDBACK and its importance on customer retention’, that, when you have genuine feedback and inputs from your customers, you can better customize your services for future. And present it better at the right time!

You can email your customers or message them and ask feedback on their last meal/ visit!

Apart from this, based upon such genuine feedback, you can try other variants of the course and share it with your customers to come and try! Also, you can promote sales, special events, and showcase new products to them as well!

Such valuable inputs help you do cross & upsell other items and generate additional sales!

Pro Tip;

If you want to collect genuine feedback from your clients to grow your services and product- you can try FREE apps like Food Reward App!

This FREE Restaurant Reward App- named as FOOD Rewards app, helps you get the best possible inputs from clients, use them, and upgrade your services to the next level.

Feedback collected through this app will BENEFIT you;

1) Customizing services and products!

2) Create new and better offers

3) Generate extra revenue

4) Present better offer, discounts

5) Attract new clients while helping to retain the existing one! And, many more!

More importantly, you can get an idea of trends by analyzing feedback data, and predict future sales, along with the mood of the client!

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We hope you liked the content, and if there is any feedback for us, please feel free to share!

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