How is customer feedback necessary and can make or break your restaurant business?

We all drive our life based upon feedback, inputs from our seniors, parents, guardians, and multiple resources. Right? because such data are either inspiring or suitable for us.

Feedback also helps us grow because these come from experience!

In the same way, inputs or feedback drive every business. Especially, those businesses which are client-centric; they must take care of the data or feedback from customers- because it helps you grow and shift business to the next level!

Whether it is an automobile, sales, marketing, promotion, branding, FMCG, or any industry, you have to ensure the best possible input to your business to make sure you deliver what a customer needs the most!

In this blog, we are going to talk about how is customer feedback necessary and can make or break your restaurant business?

So, let’s go with the content now!

1) Presence of Digital Media

Digital Media has changed the way we used to look at things around us. For instance, nowadays we search for a restaurant, reviews, menu, read the comments, and then decide whether to go out or not!

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Blogs, and plenty of channels where you can find reviews about a hotel, restaurant, food zone, coffee house, beverage, club, or bar!

Which is why it is essential now to request your customers to review your restaurant on social media, share experience & feedback, how did they feel about your services, and, etc.

Also, you can ask customers to suggest to you what else you should do to uplifts their experience, food quality, services, etc.

This move of yours will not only feel your customers special but will give you genuine feedback.

And, this real feedback will certainly help you drive more customers to the restaurant.

Tip: You can ask FOOD BLOGGER, YouTube Creator to come, eat, and review your restaurant. It will give you a sudden boost in your brand value!

2) Negative Feedback

Negative feedback drives back your customers and can harm your reputation. And, surprisingly, these negative feedback are not real!

These might be posted by your competitors, or might be someone jealous of your services.

So, have a keen eye on your reviews, and try to see who is posting negative comments about your brand. Sometimes, this feedback might be real. Hence, if possible, try to reply and ask them why they have such an experience? Did they talk before to you? And, other questions. Later, you can try to resolve their issues!

This step of yours will frame a positive image of your restaurant that you care about every customer.

So, try to keep an eye on such negative feedback as well because they can even break your brand if ignored!

3) Fake Feedback

Fake feedback can be positive or negative.

Such practices were quite common before when fake feedback used to boost brand value! But, such unreal feedback works only for a couple of times and not always! Because, with these counterfeit inputs, up to an extent, you can attract customers, but once they will experience your quality, everything will come out!

So remember, you MUST AVOID FAKE FEEDBACK or such practices!

Instead, ask your customers to submit genuine feedback to minimize the effect of these fake feedback which were posted before!

4) Video/Testimonial Promotion

Video Testimonial is a brilliant way to showcase your food quality!

You can ask your regular customers to create a video testimonial for you, which you can circulate among other customers. Or, you can post them on the website, online food ordering & delivery app! Thus, creating a strong brand impact!

Video testimonials are easy to trust, as a video has a face, voice, tone, etc. and such videos can make your brand!

Ask your customers to create a testimonial video for you!

5) Absence of actual feedback

Absence of the actual feedback is the prime reason why other people don’t know about your restaurant!

Whether you have brilliant food, service, location, if you are not known to others (through reviews); it is a significant loss for you!

You can request your customers to post a review about your restaurant. Especially you can ask this with your regular customers!

Doing this activity regularly, will flood the digital world (in your domain) with your good reviews, and thus bringing many customers to your restaurant!

6) Internal feedback system

Many restaurants miss this crucial step. They just used to do an external survey, feedback collection and posting, but miss to do the most vital part, which is internal discussion/ feedback collection!

Conduct a survey in your restaurant, take feedback from your staff, do an internal audit, and this will help you know where you are lacking and how to fix it!

Knowing your strengths, weakness, advantages, etc. will make you better with the time, and improve your services!

Hire a restaurant expert firm for audit, take advice from such experts, use smart restaurant business solutions like Resto Sense, to make your restaurant shine and grow!

Pro Tip: Apart from all these solutions, you can try Restaurant Feedback App for FREE, which will help you collect feedback from your restaurant customers in real-time and give you an extra edge than those who do not have reviews about them.

Feedback will not only promote your brand outside but will give you real input of where you should update your services, food, menu, customer satisfaction, etc.!

So, we came to know how customer feedback is essential in the restaurant’s growth!

Please share your feedback about the content. We would appreciate that!

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