Importance of customer satisfaction in Restaurant Business with a few examples!

Restaurants, food courts, ice cream parlours are the places we go to eat, drink, spend some time with our loved ones, and sometimes do party as well!

But how do you finalise a restaurant or a place like this?

Well, there are many factors which govern your this decision. Like, food quality, service, dine-in experience, ambience, location, the theme of the restaurant, and other factors.

These factors create your experience either by visiting the place or through reviews, and thus help you make a future decision to visit a restaurant!

Now, as a restaurant owner or manager, if you are creating an unforgettable experience for your restaurant customers; you are not only ensuring their next visit but also making your restaurant business profitable as well!

In this blog, we are going to talk about many ways with which you can enhance your customer satisfaction, add values to your services, and so, creating an unmatched brand value!

Let’s read the content and explore those points which can help you grow your customer satisfaction.

1) Long Queues!

It is one of the prime factors which can decide whether someone will come to your restaurant or not!

Because people are bust and do not have time to stand in a queue, apart from this, people go to a restaurant, to eat, drink, spend time, and not to stand in a line for quick order placement!

To avoid queues for your customers, try to use some solutions or digital mobile platforms like My Menu App to let customers place orders from their table with just a quick scan of the QR code!

Apart from this, from such mobile app solutions, you can let your customers choose anything additional (cross-sell) like a beverage, and a related dish (up-sell) to make their meal wow!

Such solutions create a beautiful experience for the customers by letting them choose their meal, as per their convenience, and without waiting.

When you allow customers to choose food & beverage from the menu, with the mobile application solution, you give them the convenience to avoid queues, like the Indian online mobile recharge portal and app- Paytm helped its user brilliantly!

Paytm gave facility and convenience to its user to; pay bills, do mobile & TV recharges, and other utilities recharge/ bill payment. Thus, making one of the most loved apps for mobile recharge and different types of bill payments for the Indian market!

So, basically, they utilized the power of convenience and satisfaction!

2) Limitation of the captain to take orders

Well, this is another factor which annoys (restaurant) customers as they have to wait for long to place their orders. The probable reason might be the absence of insufficient captains to take orders.

If you can increase your men-power, it will help you take quick orders. But, if you can not afford more than a certain number of captains in your restaurant, you can go for a quick menu ordering app like My Menu App for super-quick order placement with almost zero waiting time for the same!

3) Food Quality

Food quality is the most affecting reason which can either create or damage your brand image!

Always try to use the high quality of the food items. Keep inventory fresh. Use organic raw food items. Set a low stock alarm in the stock to avoid shortage. Such steps will make sure your customers have the best food experience!

4) Kitchen Chaos

If you run an open restaurant, and there is kitchen chaos for order preparation; you are putting then your restaurant reputation on risk!

People come to a restaurant to spend their quality time, make beautiful memories, discussions, meetings, and other essential purposes. And, if your kitchen creates chaos while order preparing- it is going to damage your restaurant branding and image over a period!

You can avoid this with either kitchen order automation like Restro Sense or other applications like My Menu App. Such solutions let users place orders directly to the kitchen in the restaurant, thus, channelizing orders, kitchen staff, resources, and creating a smart experience in your customers’ memory!

5) Discount and Offers

It is also among those factors which not only affect customer experience but also attract customers to your restaurant.

Because, with offers and discounts, customers not only get their favorite food items at a discounted price but also wish to try other things as well because of offers!

For example, if we talk about traveling portals like Goibibo,, Trivago, and other such portals in Indian Market, so they provide not only brilliant customer satisfaction, but also offer a considerable discount to attract customers. Their offers are quite likable and customer-centric as well!

You can utilize these business tactics for your restaurant as well to enhance your customer experience!

6) Feedback and Suggestions

If you listen to your customers, you let them feel unique and respected, because you hear them through feedback & suggestions!

Always collect feedback with your customers post their visit and their suggestion before and while serving them.

These small gestures will let your customers feel valuable and add something good to their experience!

For example, Indian giant ride providing firm- OLA, lets users submit their reviews (feedback along with suggestions) post their ride. This move of their makes users feels heard and satisfied. Also, it allowed users to resolve their queries as well if not solved.

Other firms also follow the same trends to enhance their customer experience.

Also, such collected feedback and suggestion for the genuine customer helps you upgrade your restaurant services. Which further enhance your customer experience, thus creating a snowball effect!

Sometimes users do not feel comfortable sharing their number and personal details, but for a useful purpose, though these ways, you can collect your customer’s particulars. And, give them your next restaurant offerings, wish them on their special day, inform them about a party, or use it in other creative ways!

7) Use of automation

Automation helps restaurant businesses grow, maximize their output with the minimum resource, do quick orders, and execute restaurant operations efficiently!

For example, Restro Sense is the next-gen cloud-based Restaurant Management System which is capable enough to manage inventory, vendors, orders, billing, kitchen order channelization, taxation, feedback, and suggestions.

Thus making your restaurant work super smooth and adding stars to your customers’ experience with quick and satisfying services.

Apart from this, there are many mobile app solutions like My menu app.

This mobile app helps customers see the restaurant menu on their mobile, select their favorite dishes, add suggestions, and place an order directly to the restaurant kitchen, with smart payment options and enjoy their dine-in experience.

Thus, making their ordering process seamless, smooth, and simple!

We hope you like the content. For any suggestions, please feel free to connect with us!

Thank you!

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