5 ways to optimise your RESTAURANT BUSINESS!

When the market is full of competition, you must have to come up with a new strategy, planning, and process to beat and stand out of it.

Similarly, Restaurant Business Operations are facing tremendous competition these days!

With technological advancement, restaurant business operations have upgraded, and so the way people used to see the food & beverage industry!

For example, consumers can order food from their mobile, see the reviews, apply coupons or discount offers, opt for the express delivery, make the digital payment, and have their favorite dish delivered at their doorstep without going here and there! So, it is how the shift has come in the restaurant industry!

So, how to survive in this hard-core competition and OPTIMISE your Restaurant Business (Operations) for the maximum possible profit? Let’s figure out this blog!

1) The customer is the king!

Yes, you got it right! Customer in any business decides the mood of that market.

Happy customers bring more business, while unhappy customers can even drag your profit to the next downfall!

So, how to make sure you have a happy and satisfied customer in your restaurant business? – here are some of the proven techniques:

a) Have a customer loyalty program to retain your old customers.

Remember, when you have regular customers, you can request them to submit their reviews, prepare a testimonial video, or give feedback on a particular new dish that you recently made!

Their review will be genuine as they are regular to your restaurant, and would love to uplift your reputations because of emotional attachment.

b) Give offers and discounts - This factor drives traffic to a restaurant.

You can give offers and discounts to your new, as well as regular customers! It will not only help you retain your customers but will bring new customers on board also.

c) Ask for the feedback and suggestion - When you ask for feedback from your customers, they feel special.

You can collect feedback from your customers (regular and new) to upgrade your food & services. Or you can ask for the pre-serving suggestions to ensure your customer gets the same taste of dish; they are looking from your restaurant kitchen.

If you can implement this, you can touch their heart because everyone wants to go to a restaurant where their inputs are heard, considered, and executed accordingly!

d) Ask for Review - You can request to submit a review on your new dish.

Try it with new or regular customers, anyone. This step is again to build an emotional connection with your clients and let them feel special because you asked them to taste a dish and review it!

e) Welcome Customers - It is one of the types of offers, where you offer something useful to your new customer.

This offering can be a discount, a complimentary dish, coupons for the next dine-in, free movie ticket, or anything which can not only let them feel unique but welcomed as well. This move of yours will surely add a new member to your customer-family!

2) Use Technology

Technology is everywhere!

Whether it is space, medical, science, hospitality, automobile, or client relationship; you will notice a strong footprint of it!

And, so, the restaurant operations are not away from it. Some points are here to suggest you where you can use technology in the restaurant business-

a) You can use automation to automate your tasks of monitoring, ordering, calculation, and analysis.

For example, you can use an automation tool like Restro Sense, from Sixth Sense IT Solutions, to finalize vendors, inventory management, ordering, billing, taxation, kitchen order processing, and other essential operations.

Automation will free you from such regular task, and give an edge than those who do not use it!

b) Leverage digital and social media for brilliant connectivity with your customers!

Nowadays, customers first search for a restaurant on digital platforms, and based upon the reviews; they plan their visit.

Also, you can connect with your potential customers digitally and invite them to your restaurant to try a new dish (with or without an offer).

Apart from this, on social media, you can solve your customers’ queries as well, which not only lets them feel satisfied, heard, but also connected with you!

c) Tools and Training - Try to use modern tools and give training to your staff accordingly to enhance their capabilities!

When you have a well-trained staff, they always produce better output. So, try to use modern tools and hire staff, train them properly and then sync them with the vision of your restaurant.

Also, try to listen to your staff’s concerns, problems, and involve them when they need you personally and professionally. It will help you retain your trained staff for you for a more extended period!

d) Go for Fast Delivery

If you offer home delivery services, do a tie-up with a fast delivery service provider.

This smart move of yours will help you deliver your food items fast and at the exact location in no time!

This move will give you an advantage compared to those who either do not provide delivery or not having fast delivery!

3) Celebrate the happiness of your customers!

When you celebrate the happiness of your customers, you connect with them in no time!

You can send birthday, anniversary, or any special day emails (with an offer to come to your restaurant) to let them feel exceptional.

It will also make them feel that you care about their happiness.

You can give special discounts to those who have a birthday, anniversary, or want to organize a party or any special event.

On a particular day of your customers, you can offer them a discount on dinner, lunch, offer them combo at a nominal price, or give them a movie ticket post-dinner at your restaurant.

This kind gesture of yours will enhance your customers’ experience and will thrust them automatically to come to your restaurant next time, as well!

4) Host Events and Community Activities

Well, this activity requires outdoor exercises, hence not followed by all. But, if followed a couple of times, it can give you an unmatched promotion, and thus the traffic!

You can organize your food-fest, participate in some event, be a part of a food & beverage community, etc.

This step will again help you do cross-promotion, and showcase the special dish of your restaurant.

5) Have a signature dish!

If you have a signature dish, go out and show it!

Or, if you are good in some dish, prepare and tell about it.

Why? – because there are some generic dishes which everyone can cook- while there are some dishes which can only be prepared either by exclusive chefs or need a special touch to finalize.

It has been observed that people will love to give a shot to a signature dish than a generic one!

We hope you like the content we shared for you to OPTIMISE your Restaurant Business.

And, if there is anything you think we should know or can add in our upcoming content; please let us know. We will appreciate that!

Thank you!

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