5 essential elements of Sales & Marketing, a CRM MUST take care of!

A CRM used correctly can uplift an organization's sales & marketing performance unimaginably- because it has the potential to manage the entire client-relationship cycle 360 degrees!
Still, there are few features, which a CRM must have to make it perfectly sync with the sales & marketing process, and help an organization to grow!
This blog will help you find those 5 essential elements of Sales & Marketing; a CRM MUST take care of, professionally!

1) Attendance and Leaves
When you have a sales & marketing team that works on the ground, then it becomes essential (and tough at the same time) to track their attendance and leaves!
Because, when a person has to report on ground duty, the chances of errors arises naturally! 
In sales & marketing, it is essential to know when a sales-person is logging for duty and signing off, to avoid any confusion and wrong data entry! Apart from this, even it is needful to mark their leaves too to monitor employee performance.
Hence, a CRM tool must take care of the attendance and leaves of the ground sales force! 
And, if it is capable of handling live location tracking; there would be nothing great than that!

2) Expenses
Expense is part of any business. Whether it is FMCG, Consumer Goods, Luxury Items, or even the Sales & Marketing- expense comes naturally.
To help the sales & marketing team continue their activities, you have to keep powering them with essentials goods & resources. And, these resources come with a cost. Thus, creating organizational expenses automatically!
For instance, if a sales-person is going for a meeting from point A to B- he/ she must be given a transportation allowance, meal & refreshment allowance, and other regular expenses to make the trip happen with comfort!
If your CRM is not capable of handling expenses, or monitor them; you need to think of a new CRM Now! Also, you have to ensure legitimate billing as well- to avoid any unnecessary drainage of your hard-earned money with fake invoices- because it happens sometimes!
Hence, a CRM must take care of not only expenses but also the bills,  put checks to avoid any fraud, real-time reimbursement, and pre-approved expenses to help your ground sales force run without any issue!

3) Leads & Its Management
If your sales team is not having leads- how they are going to execute their daily activities and schedule the entire day?
Well, A CRM must be capable of taking care of leads- as this is the most CRUCIAL part of Sales & Marketing Activities! An efficient CRM tool like CRM Sense can help you create, assign, process, and update the status on a lead, on the real-time. 
CRM Sense helps your sales & marketing team get the sales-leads when they are on the field & executing meetings based upon them. It also helps you monitor those leads and chase or do follow-ups, if needed, to ensure the maximum closing rate!
Additionally, a CRM tool should be capable enough to scan an ID card of any person who is interested in your offerings and create a lead out of it, instantly. Well, CRM Sense does it quite professionally!

4) Meeting
When you have leads, you might need to do multiple meetings before you bring the client on board. And, here, a CRM tool like CRM Sense does the magic!
It (a CRM tool like CRM Sense) helps you create meetings, schedule, and execute them with progress tracking. When information is so detailed- it becomes easy to close a meeting successfully. Because this way you can better understand the client's needs!
Also, a CRM must be capable enough of giving an initial of the client's behavior as well to provide you with a guess of whether the client is going to take the next step with you or not!

5) Documentations
A CRM must care for other essential parts of sales & marketing- which is- proposal and documents! A CRM tool must-have features of allowing its users (sales & marketing team) to prepare, send, and discuss the proposal, on the go!
Without a CRM, you might not have time or facility to propose a document to a client when you are in a meeting- but if you use a CRM Tool- you can instantly send a proposal to the client and increase your chances of bringing him/her on board quite easy, and
So, these were probably the most necessary top 5 essential elements of Sales & Marketing a CRM MUST take care of for a business.
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