5 reasons to MUST HAVE ‘Discounts and offers’ in your RESTAURANT!

We all know running a restaurant business is not a piece of a cake, because a restaurant is full of diverse and dynamic business operations. And, all restaurant activities need keen management along with the superb syncing with each other!

Surprisingly, with the time such dynamism in the restaurant business is increasing because additional operations are also becoming part of restaurant business operations for growth!

For example, branding, promotion, offers, digital media, customer-retention, etc. were not seen as essential operations before, but now you can not imagine a restaurant’s establishment and growth without it!

Discount and offers are the two main factors that drive traffic to a restaurant and decides the customer base as well!

Probably, the majority of restaurants running their daily activities around the offers and discounts, to ensure their growth and increasing profit, and it has become a trend as well!

Although discounts and offers seem similar to each other, yet there is a beautiful difference between them!

In discount, we reduce the price of already available items (food in case of a restaurant) to increase its sales or to attract more customers. While in the ‘offer’, we propose something new to the customer, like a combo of two/three dishes, items, etc.

In this blog, we will know 5 reasons to MUST HAVE ‘Discounts and offers’ in your RESTAURANT!

1) Discount And Offers Attract More New Customers

we all know that ‘offers’ attracts new customers. But why?

The simple reason is people prefer and love to eat at those restaurants where they have to pay less for their favorite dish.

Also, when you offer them a discount, they tend to try other food items as well, which they did not plan initially. It helps you do cross & up-sell other food items.

Also, with offers, customers try to go with combos as well because it not only cuts their bill but also offer them more than their expectations!

Apart from this, offers and discounts, helps a restaurant do free mouth publicity which has a prolonged impact on the overall profit of the business. And, who does not want this!! Right?

2) Offer And Discount Keep Your Old Customers With You!

Yes, this is true!

Old customers are loyal. And, loyal customers are royal!

When you offer a discount to your old and regular customers, they naturally start to come to your restaurant frequently. Such customers start doing their meeting, gathering, party, etc. at your restaurant, thus adding more business to your regular one!

Keeping an old customer with you helps in many ways. Like:

a) You can ask them for their reviews

b) You can make a video testimonial with them and promote it on digital media

c) Ask them to review your new dish and share feedback for the betterment

d) Of course, free mouth publicity!

And, many more favors you can ask, which will not only boost your branding bu uplifts your reputations as well!

3) It Increases Your Sales

it is quite right from many case studies, that with discounts and offers you can many-fold restaurant business in a short period!

Discount and offers attract more customer and thus helps you increase sale.

Even you might attract those customers as well who used to go to other food parlors. Because when you offer them a tempting dish with some offer- they will naturally be attracted and would love to give a try to a new recipe!

This trend is widespread nowadays. Apart from restaurants, even start-ups are offering huge discounts on their services/ goods and products to increase sales!

The core reason is when people get the offer or discount; they naturally inclined towards your offering and do not hesitate to give a try to something new in your restaurant! And, thus helping you increase your additional sales as well!

4) It Helps You Promote!

Promotion is the key to success.

Irrespective of your brilliant offerings, if people do not know about your restaurant, they will not come!

Discount and offer help to promote a restaurant business quite easily because when a customer shares his/her experience, it opens the door for other customers to come and experience your food.

Reviews play a vital role in your restaurant food business because we always try to make sure we have the best food experience, as it is directly related to health!

Hence, when you offer a discount, you attract more customers, thus gain more reviews. And, so you do branding with bare minimum efforts!

5) It Helps You Start Your Restaurant With The Little Capital!

It is the hidden power of ‘discount and offers’ that helps you scale up your restaurant business.

If you have a dish that people may like or would love to try, you must run it then with offers. This process will not only help you get reviews about the new dish, but its sales may add additional value to your profit as well. Thus, you can utilize this extra income to scale up your restaurant business.

There are restaurants out there who utilized this method to scale up and now have chains or franchises of their restaurants!

You initially need to start with the limited food items, dishes, and beverages. And, if it goes well, you will not only get extra money to scale up your restaurant but will make your restaurant a favorite destination for that particular dish!

I hope you like the content and if there is anything else you would like to add or suggest to us in this- please email us. We would love to see that.

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