How can you go online for additional revenue with your Brand name (restaurant)?

In a competitive market, where restaurants are trying to capture the most, they are also thriving for the additional income! Because extra income gives you the freedom to not depend upon only 1 or 2 sources of getting revenue in your restaurant (by attracting customers to your food outlet).

Apart from this, extra revenue gives you a backup when there is a tough time in the market.

Plus, it also helps you grow your business! So, who does not want to earn extra income!

But, here is a twist.

You can earn additional income either by your brand name or becoming a partner of a third-party food ordering and delivery program!

In this blog, we are going to talk about those ways with which you can earn additional revenue with your BRAND NAME and increase clientele in the restaurant business!

1) Have Your Website

Having a website for your restaurant can undoubtedly bring new business for you- as people can order food from the site.

Also, you need not pay extra as a commission to anyone!

When you give convenience to people to order food from your website, you give them the next level of comfort by ordering (and delivering) the same taste of food from your restaurant!

Adding comfort to your customers’ life will make you preferred restaurant or food outlet. Thus, increasing your extra income!

2) Online Food Ordering App

Having an online food ordering app will help you amazingly stand out from the crowd!

With your restaurant’s complete custom online food ordering app- you can better and smartly connect with your customers, and offer them your services.

With your brand food ordering app, your customers can see your latest menu, select items, add them to the card, apply coupons, and pay online to have their favorite taste delivered at their doorstep.

In the entire process, you neither engaged your captain to take order or generate a bill nor a waiter to serve the food. You are thus minimizing your efforts while maximizing your earning.

Also, you can circulate your food coupons, vouchers, discount, and offers directly & only to your online food ordering app customers. Thus, ensuring a recurring business from there as well!

Apart from this, you can also collect feedback from clients directly, ask them to review your offerings and use those inputs for the betterment of your restaurant services.

To have your restaurant’s brand food ordering app, you can contact with any smart app solution provider firm like Sixth Sense IT Solutions. And, ask them to create the most suitable and modern online food ordering app for your restaurant, which can add values to your brand name!

3) Go with FREE mobile APP Solutions

There are plenty of Restaurant Management Mobile Application Solutions available, and most of them are available for FREE.

Once, utilized these applications for brining your RESTAURANT online- you not only add extra revenue to your balance sheet but also, uplift your customer satisfaction.

Here are some of those most PREFFERD Restaurant Management Mobile App Solutions:

Food Reward App:

Works for both, customers and restaurants, this app lets you run reward points for your restaurant (on a fixed purchase) and customer to avail & redeem those points. Thus, it helps you bring a SMILE to your customers’ faces with Food Rewards!

Table Booking App/Quick Booking App:

Are you tired of waiting in a restaurant for booking a table for you? Download the FREE Table Booking App now and pre-book your table, menu, time, and enjoy the meal at your preferred time!

Menu App:

Don’t want to stand in the Queue? No worries! Just Open Menu App, and scan QR at Restaurant. Then select items from the menu and you are ready to place the order! Once submitted the order, your order request will be delivered to KITCHEN directly in no time! Meanwhile, you can pay for the bill! Is not this easy?

Captain App:

Give wings to your restaurant’s Captain order booking capabilities! Let them manage multiple tables, take orders, add items between the meal, cross & up-sell, generate bills, and receive feedback at the same- all with a mobile! Yes, just a mobile phone!

Restro mPoS:

It is a next-gen, cloud-based, smart mobile application (a mobile POS for restaurant) solution. This app helps you manage your entire restaurant operations from vendor finalization waste management.

Party Booking App:

Want to organize a party or planning to avail of your restaurant for the party, for extra income? This app is useful for both- customers and Restaurants! A common platform to find a party venue, book a menu, and earn extra in no time, or effort!

Smart Manager App:

Want to know insights into your restaurant business? Get the complete restaurant performance analysis with more than 20+ reports!

Such detailed analysis helps you find loopholes, fix them, and excel in the restaurant business!

So, these were some of the prime ways you can opt to have your extra revenue from online presence!

There are many ways as well, which we shall try to cover in other blogs.

For now, thanks for your time. And, let us know how you like this content, and if there is any feedback for us- feel free to share. We would appreciate that!

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