Cloud Computing assisting your Small or Big Business


Cloud computing in very simple terms, is basically where a company uses someone else's computing services (usually over the internet) instead of having to run that software on their own computers.

Concrete examples are: in our very small business, we can’t afford to have an IT department and people to manage our internal services. But we still need to use a variety of software, some simple examples are: accounting, file storage, shared calendars, shared contacts, etc. So we use a range of cloud computing services such as Dropbox, Google Calendar.

Why cloud computing is useful is because it allows computing resources to be minimized – instead of 100 companies running one server each just to host some shared calendars, these 100 companies could instead use cloud computing services offered by a cloud computing provider, who would run just one server to serve up calendars for each of the companies. Each of the 100 companies now pays the fraction of the price to have shared calendars, and the cloud computing provider only has to run one server to serve all these companies, so would be raking it in.


Cloud Computing is an essential paradigm that renders the easy means of accessing and storing data online, in preference of storing data in the hard drive of a system. It can be recognized as a large pool of systems assisting people to get connected with private as well as public networks in order to make available the infrastructure that is dynamically scalable for file storage, data and application too. Based on this, the software is developed that automates the business process online by a few highly-reputed companies such as Sixth Sense Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Sixth Sense has good expertise in developing web and mobile applications with the integration of cloud computing services to assist the small as well as big businesses in a unique manner.

Here are a few characteristics that let you select the cloud computing integrated software solution for your business.

Time-saving and on-demand services:

Cloud computing is featured with the self-service for various business requirements. On-demand services are the major characteristics that make it more attractive for business. This removes the company’s needs to maintain the staff, specifically for small and big businesses.

Flexibility to Business:

One of the principal benefits offered by cloud computing is the flexibility offered to the businesses. Folks of your team are allowed to access files and details which are relevant to work anywhere anytime and even, on any mobile device. Increased flexibility enables several businesses to let their staffs use mobile devices or PCs they are comfortable with.

Lower Costs with Pay-per-use Model:

One of the best benefits of turning your business to the cloud is the significant financial savings involved in cloud computing. Cloud computing makes effective utilization of hardware and gives business the great opportunity to perform less and reach more customers.

Improved Collaboration:

Productivity is greater than before by cloud computing due to its wide accessibility. Cloud-based applications are accessible on web browsers at any time. This means that the users across the organization would adapt to cloud-based applications or software solutions without the need for intensive training.

Enhanced Security Features with Instant Updates:

There is increased security for companies with cloud computing as the software is automatically updated and the content is remotely stored. The safety and security are increased due to security standards established by ISO when the cloud-based software is used for the promotion of businesses.

In addition, we, at Sixth Sense realize the importance of cloud computing to pull a chunk of people towards your business. We are helping the startups and big businesses to grow online and make available the services 24*7. All you need to understand your unique business requirements and convey to our software and mobile app developers to manifest the nature of your online business and build a particular cloud-based solution.

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